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4 days in hongkong, need a suit...

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I know this has likely been covered many times before on this forum but the search doesn't seem to like me and I'm running out of time (flight leaves tomorrow morning). I'm going to be in Hong Kong for 4 full days and I really would like to have a suit made for me while I'm there. I'm a university student, so I'm not looking for anything overly expensive, but I've always wanted a suit which fit me properly (I laugh at most formal uni functions when the girls all look great and the guys are all wearing suit shaped sacks). any help and advice is much appreciated. -wwwb
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Check out A-Man on the shopping/mezzanine floor in the Mandarin Oriental. Best tailor in HK... and not the most expensive.
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WW Chan is across the harbor in Tsim Sha Tsui. Indian guys will chase you everywhere offering you a suit over there. Ignore all of them. Jantzen (for shirts primarily, but also make suits) are in Worldwide House in Central
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WW Chan will run you something like $800 for a suit, minimum. I believe (but will be quickly corrected if wrong) that A-Man Hing Cheong is in the same price range. Most of the other hustlers will sell you a much cheaper suit (yes, "cheaper" as opposed to "less expensive"). An advantage of working with WW Chan is that once you get the fit correct, you can not only reorder remotely, but also get the pattern updated during their US visits, which will be important in the years after university, when most people find their waistline expanding . . .
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If you only have four days, your only choices are: 1) those Indian tailors who will chase you around the block, 2) Jantzen. I don't think Chan or A-Man will turn out a suit in 4 days. Jantzen could probably even give you two fittings in four days.
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If there is a problem with A-Man's turnaround time drop me a PM and I'll see if I can help. I'm not sure what they're prices are for first suits (as I have always gotten a discounted rate b/c my father used to have suits made regularly there).
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when suggesting Chan, never even considered him turning it around in 4 days, no way. the indian guys in TST will do that, but you dont want one of their suits. Chan/A Man will measure you up, if you lucky you will get a basted fitting on day 3 or 4, and then take your address and mail it to you when its done. Jantzen I dont know.
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Chan may be able to do a 4 day turnaround. Set up the appointment in advance, and get to their shop right off the plane, to give the the most time you can.
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Chan may be able to do a 4 day turnaround. Set up the appointment in advance, and get to their shop right off the plane, to give the the most time you can.
but would you really want them to???
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Chan could do four days. My second remote order was delivered to me (i.e. it was in my hands) exactly 13 days after I ordered it. "Would you want them to?" Make clear that you don't want rushed work -- you want to know whether they can do their best work in four days (make clear this will be your first of many suits, and that you wanted to get a pattern while in Hong Kong). If they say, yes, then go for it.
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WW Chan's website says they can do a completed suit in 3 days if you make an appointment 2 weeks in advance and show up on time for daily fittings. While it seems that one wouldn't expect their best work on such a short turnaround, I do know someone who had WW Chan do a suit in 4 or 5 days, with multiple fittings, and it turned out quite well.
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do they make canvassed suits exclusively? i know the canvas process is very time consuming...would have to eat into that four days pretty heavily, and wouldnt recommend that he gets it fused for the sake of saving a shipping bill
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Yes, canvassed exclusively.
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This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I'd save the $800 and buy something you know will fit in RTW.
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I had my suits made in 5 days. They look great.   I believe that you could get a very high quality suit in 4 days, provided you make the appointment in advance. Quick turnaround is their specialty. I'd be willing to bet that over half of their business is 4 days. You guys clearly have not read the story about the shoemaker and the elves if you don't think that quality clothing can be constructed quickly.  
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