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Grand Prix of Canada F1

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I am heading up to Montreal from Boston tomorrow to see the GP over the weekend. I know there are some F1 fans here in these parts. Anyone else going? Predictions? I can't wait to drink a ton of Unibroue and watch fast cars. Oh yeah, can't forget about the pit girls too.
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Totally forgot about it during this heavy work week. Scrambling for a ticket package right now. Will email if I make it.
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Pretty easy finding a ticket, but can't find a hotel under $250. Wish I would have remembered earlier this week (I've used formula tours before and they had a sweet deal, which I missed out on). Dang, I'm kicking myself (luckily for me it's with a new pair of Certos for $70 bucks from discostu); Montreal is my favorite city.
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i actually live in montreal but I'm not that in to the GP thing. The best thign about it really are all the hotties that come out to play. Mr. Checks, have you owned certo shoes before? I've never heard of them personally but was interested in a pair on his site.
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At $72 US, the Certos from discostu are a steal. This is my first pair. I bought the brown suede monk straps. They look to be very well made, leather-lined inside and nicely finished outside. Yeah, I think the city itself is the best part of the race, and all the people who come into Montreal for it. Maybe next year.
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I will hopefully post a couple of pics later of the race. I have to ask one question though in the meantime which has been bothering me: Who stole all the sleeves to every guy's shirt in Montreal? Do the police have any leads? Awful fad to say the least.
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