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Clearing out some stuff I no longer use. Everything is in excellent condition and in full working order... If you have a MJK size M houndstooth shirt I will consider a trade in your favor ---------- Lightly used Orient Star WZ0111FD. Orient is owned by Seiko, but they make their own watches (some of which are as costly as Grand Seikos). Will come with the original bracelet as well as a bond NATO band and original box. I purchased this from ujiie-japan. Automatic movement, 40 hour reserve; head is about 40mm diameter and has sapphire crystals. Watch condition is 9+/10 and keeps excellent time (averages slightly fast per day). No scratches on crystal and no scuffs on watch head. Bracelet has solid end links and has very slight wear. You can check detailed photos at ujiie-japan's auction: the specks on the crystal is a reflection off the ceiling. ---------- SF Bags Cargo Bag - size large with leather flap option (gray) and paraglider buckle. Retail with options is about 275$. There is like no wear to this. I purchased a smaller laptop and no longer need this. I plan to replace it with the smaller version. ($125 BIN) ---------- Nintendo DS Lite (black color) with SF Bags Nintendo DS Case. Has screen protectors installed on both LCDs. It just so happens to come with a Cycloid DS cartridge with a 4gb microSD card... SOLD