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ingrown hairs

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I remember somebody recomending a product that acts against ingrown hairs. anybody remember it, or have a product that they recomend?
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The product is called Tend Skin. Here is a link to their website. I hope this helps.
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And here is a product that is similar to Tend Skin, but alcohol-free and with some other anti-irritants like green tea and willowherb: I recommend ordering the spray attachment too.
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you may want to look at MiN and their product called 'solution2', allegedly better than tender skin's product and without the smell you can also use baxter of california's razor bump repair, which is a post shaving product that helps eliminate razor bumps and ingrown hairs
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Aveeno makes a special shaving cream (gel, actually) for this problem. Available at CVS --not cheap though at about $4.50.
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