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Art Deco

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I'm closing on a new place in September and believe the place would ideal for a Art Deco setting. I've looked around locally in Atlanta with minimal success, Baker and Michael Berman are just two designers that come to mind, but I would appreciate any insight you all might have on places to see in the south or online that might have a decent selection of pieces ranging from case goods to sofas and chairs. I'm literally starting from the ground up. Thanks. WHN
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if you want to pair it with getting some shoes, I saw a great store with nothing but art deco in Budapest,, literally 3 blocks from Vass. or try closer to home
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I'd suggest a leather club chair. Comfortable, stylish, and still commonly available. That, the proper color scheme and a few deco acessories -- particularly clocks -- will go a long way.
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My girlfriend and I just last night discovered the Art Deco Society of Washington, DC. And they had a big expo today that we attended. Tons of stuff. Everything from jewelry to furniture. No help to anyone in Atlanta, but there may be some similar organization there that you can join or contact. bob
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