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Hugo boss shoes

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I'm a big fan of Hugo Boss clothing, but have never owned a pair of Hugo Boss shoes.  Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with these shoes?  They seem to occupy a price point slightly below that of Ferragamo and Bally, and I was wondering whether the quality was comparable.
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I have a pair of hugo boss suede slip-ons. They're quite comfortable and they look really nice, but the one annoying thing about the rubber sole is sometimes when i'm walking quickly or turning a corner I will sometimes hit the side of my shoe with the side of my other shoe. This leaves a black mark on beige suede =/ On normal leather this isn't such a big deal because you can just rub it and the rubber marks come right off. However with suede you need to use a suede brush and it eventually ruins the nap. For dress shoes though or even nice casual ones, I'd make the jump to ferragamo. They're much better than boss shoes imo. I'm wearing my first pair of ferragamos right now and they're really worth the price. Just treat them well and they'll last you a long time.
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They're nothing special. Just mass-produced things stamped out from indifferent leather along the lines of what's offered by Banana Republic, Zara, or Kenneth Cole but at a higher price-point. Peace, JG
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