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Longwings and Wingtips

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Which one do you roll with for your outfits and why?
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Longwings because I like the look better.
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I have both, but I much prefer longwings. I have some old Florsheims, leather Aldens in black (Barrie) and brown (Modified last), vintage Dexters with a great patina, and some Allen Edmond shell cordovan in #8. I think longwings are great with jeans and dressed far my favorite shoes. Generally, my wingtips (light brown Church's and some dark red suede Edward Green for Kurt Geiger) are more for dressing up for work. I treat good old double soled Americana long wings as my go to shoe, I'll wear 'em with almost anything.
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I have a pair of CJ for Polo Darltons, but I think Longwings look better.
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The only two Anmerican shoes I've ever wanted were cordovan high vamp penny loafers and cordovan Long Wings. I'd also add some cordovan plain toe bals and leather souls ultimate Indy. However, pennys and longwings are a must. For some reason, they just seem dependable. They will never change.
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Anyone know a good brand for brown wingtips around 100-200 range?
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^ Florsheim or Johnston and Murphy?

I just bought my second pair of beat-up florsheim shell cordovan long wings on ebay. I'm not sure I can ever go back to regular leather wingtips.
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Originally Posted by itsjustadrian View Post
Anyone know a good brand for brown wingtips around 100-200 range?

Allen Edmonds McAllister via eBay is a no brainer.

An alternative is Alfred Sargent for Thin Red Line. According to the thread on their recent sale, a pre order deal is coming up, shoes are priced around 120 GBP:
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A discussion of the differences between the two....
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Longwings. I have both but almost always reach for my longwings first.
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I only want to purchase two shoes this year; The RL Darlton and Alden Long Wing or a Florsheim Long wing in good condition.
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I prefer wingtips, but I suppose it'd be easier to work longwings into most SF-type fits.
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I want a tank like longwing, mafoos alden on plaza last is too sleek. Something like a longwing darlton would be the shit post up some pics enough talk already.
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Wow, call me commonwealth but mafoo's is tanky. I wouldn't want anything less sleek. Does anyone know if alden does mto? I'd love plaza last slip on's in cordovan.
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