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getting a 'fresh' scent into a home

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Hello everyone. This is my first post on the SF; I had been using Men's Health style forum for a while, but the content and participants have been going downhill of late. Many of the good guys feel the same as I, so I believe a lot of us are quietly heading this way or to other forums. (For anyone that was there, my moniker was guyfromNC) On to my question that is somewhat style related - I recently moved into a new home that I am renting. Nice little place that will be a great bachelor's pad, except for one problem; someone in the past smoked in the home. At first I just thought that it is just a stale smell, since no one has been in there for over a year, but now I'm fairly certain it's from cigarettes. It smells like it's from the distant past, and it might be in the walls. Is there anything to do to get rid of this? I figure not, since it is likely to be in the walls. In that case, what is the best method for covering the smell? I haven't slept there yet because the electric won't be turned on until later today, but my clothes are there and they smell like the place. Can I hope that once the power comes on that the AC will help elimate some of this? Thanks in advance.
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Have you used that product before? Was it worth it? I may decide to try the OdorXit, but I was hoping for some other less-expensive options first. I know putting some cut lemons in boiling water is supposed to help (at least temporarily); is there any other ideas? Also, do you think that when I get electricity going I'll be able get rid of some of the smell through the use of the AC?
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Depending on how long and how much the previous occupants smoked in the home, it may be pretty hard to get rid of any smoking smell as the smoke stains the paint and essentially gets "in" everything. Make sure to change all of your filters, etc. On a side note, a policeman friend told me that to get rid of the odor of death in a home they will burn coffee on the stove. Not sure how that works, if at all or what the impact to the overall "smell" of your home is, maybe you can Google it.
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I have a friend who puts dryer sheets everywhere - just lays them out. Her place smells great.
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febreze is pretty good stuff too, but its utility is mostly limited to fabrics (upholstery, curtains, rugs). ... ...the smell of death... thankfully i don't know what that is. /andrew
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