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Holy thread revive, Batman. I'm going to rent this film along with Stay just for the style. This makes for a good Foxworthy. "You know you're a Style Forum member when you rent movies just to see the wardrobe."
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Originally Posted by Manton
I vote "B". I don't have many of them, but I like the ones I have. Also, I have certain shirts that when the collars and cuffs finally give out, I will have them replaced with white. At least that's the plan now.

Indeed. I've certainly had a few done like this over the years. However, what's with buying them like this?
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Originally Posted by Jovan
Holy thread revive, Batman.

As a newbie, I searched a couple of topics that interest me and found this thread.

Gekko still has currency. "Gordon Gekko" seems to have become journalistic shorthand for the raiders of the Eighties, much referred to during recent corporate scandals. But even more tellingly, I hear Gekko mentioned frequently by young businessmen and sales sharks who look to Wall Street, and Glengarry Glen Ross, and the more recent Boiler Room, not as cautionary tales, but as inspirations.

Cautionary tales seldom really work, especially on film. You have to establish the glamor of whatever you are cautioning against, and it's the glamor that people take away.

What I took away from Wall Street was: "I want those shirts and suspenders!" Nearly twenty years later, I still do. There is staying power in image-making.
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Originally Posted by Jovan
I'm going to rent this film along with Stay just for the style.

STAY is a really good film for clothes watching. McGreggor wears some great outfits (all by thom browne) and Naomi Watts is her usual delicious self. The storyline is also really good, it's one of those flicks where you might want to rewatch it immediately to get some of the subtleties that will be more apparent after you watch the ending the first time. This is one of the few films I actually watched the commentaries.

and I'm in the camp that thinks G.Gekko doesnt look as good as he's trumped up to be, he's the very definition of costumey/affected, imo.
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For what Gekko is, his wardrobe is perfect.

He certainly inspired me sartorially, although my tastes are now quite different.
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Gekko in Wall Street was definitely an early inspiration. Back in the 80s, he just looked so in charge and glamorous - how could you NOT want to look that cool. While I wouldn't ape his style exactly and my tastes have evolved somewhat, I must admit I have drawn elements from it over the years. And I have a persistent fondness for slightly flashy items that probably stems very much from Gekko's look.

I still like contrast cuffs, I still like bold colours and combinations and I still like the, fundamentally sound, idea that your can project a certain aura by what you wear.
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Funny to see this thread come back to life, as today I'm wearing a shirt w/ white collar/cuffs with the following fabric:

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I find the other aesthetic aspects of the film to be even more revolting, especially Charlie Sheen's apartment.
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You do realize that in 20 years people who weren't alive today will be telling you that Nudie jeans and your aesthetic style were revolting?
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Yes, I'm ready for history to judge me.
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Has anyone seen Michael Douglas' new clothes from Money Never Sleeps?
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Thanks so much! I wonder if Alan Flusser is still making his suits? I have seen a couple of pictures of him in 'Full Gekko' mode with a three piece pinstripe, and it looks like old times!!
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Originally Posted by PHV View Post
I still don't understand why people here idolize Gordon Gekko, a thief. To me people who love Gordon Gekko are slightly above the people who subscribe to the bling bling of Hip Hop.

Idolizing Scarface is worse...
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"I still don't understand why people here idolize Gordon Gekko..."

To quote Gordon Gekko: "Money and power- that's all there is...."

I would add style, too...
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