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Need some casual shirts suggestions

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I'm in need of some suggestions for shirts I can wear for very casual situations... something you'd wear if you were just running around town doing errands or perhaps hanging out with some friends at home or at a real casual place. Mainly would just be wearing it with a pair of jeans. I guess it basically comes down to getting some interesting t-shirts or polo shirts. I currently already own the usual slew of Polo/Lacoste polo shirts, but it gets kinda boring when the difference between all the shirts is the color and whether it has a little alligator or polo man on it. Le Tigre and Penguin seems to have some more "interesting" looking polo shirts... anyone know of any places that have a decent selection of these? Any other brand suggestions? Also, any suggestions on where to get some printed t-shirts that are interesting without looking too outlandish (like I'm trying too hard)? BTW, I'm 27 years old, so nothing too fratboy-ish either... Thanks for any help.
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Check out the "Polo showdown" thread. But if you're bored with the standard color/logo variation switching to another brand is not going to help much. If you really want to stand out get your polos tailored. I do.
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Rogues Gallery has some pretty decent tees with interesting prints that are not too far out there - Usually mono prints on subdued coloured tees.
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Maybe try... western shirts, soccer jerseys (the collared kind look really cool IMO), military type shirts with short hem and sleeves rolled way up or short sleeves.
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You could get some short sleeve button-down shirts. Just don't get them with a really long tail that looks like it should be tucked in. J Crew has some madras ones that look pretty good I think.
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OK, so who's turn is it to explode on why the Homer Simpson look is not cool?
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Oh come on, we're not talking about short sleeve dress shirts with a jacket and tie here. This is a totally different world. Don't confuse this: With this: And if Homer Simpson is wearing a dress shirt, then it has no tail at all and he chooses to take it off over his head for no reason.
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