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Hugo boss quality

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OK, so I found a deal, but in terms of quality is it a good one? After a long search for a camel colored overcoat, I picked up a Hugo Boss cashmere tonight for $200 which the saleswoman at Mark Shale claimed originally retailed for either $1000 or $1200 (only thing left on the price tag was the bar code, the price was hand written). I like the slimmer cut than most I've seen and that it hangs right at the knew, rather than a few inches below. I've never purchased Hugo Boss before, and was wondering if this is a quality, long term (albeit inexpensive) purchase or if I'm better off looking for something in my original "on sale" budget of $500 or so. Thanks.
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I'd keep it, as long as it fits well and looks the way you want it to. $200 is the best price you'd find that quality at. It's quite a steal.
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$200 for any decent Cashmere overcoat is below wholesale. You got a great deal but if you have second thoughts write me, I'll take it off your hands for $200.... To answer your other question - Hugo Boss is average in construction and tends to be above average in fabrics - is the fabric mill listed? For a suit, there is a big difference in fit between a premium canvas constructed jacket and a fused one - but in an overcoat? Think it over - it is not meant to really fit like a shell but instead it is a loose fitting garment not meant to really follow your shape exactly. Sure, bespoke would be great but just going on my own preferences... when I bought my overcoat I went for the Loro Piana stormproof cashmere in an average construction - one time when fabric mattered more than construction to me and it looks/feels/wears great. You done good, smile and quit worrying :-)
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Yes, keep the coat and be happy. HB has very bad quality/price ratio  but it does make up for it in styling. I've often bought things from HB against better judgment just because I like the patterns or the fit. As a matter of fact I'm wearing a moss green/rust POW check suit from HB right now and it looks damn good on me :-) Anyway, it will look dated a year or two from now so it's not meant to last forever. I'm taking the hip country gentleman stance today: Holliday and Brown cashmere tie, Church's suede shoes and a white w/thin black stripes shirt from Zegna NC. B
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Thanks gents. It really is the best fitting one I've tried on, so I'm keepin' it. Just wasn't sure as I bought it on the road and prolly won't have a chance to return it. Besides, I don't *think* it will go out of style any time soon... it's a camel colored overcoat right?.?.?
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