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Vans checkerboard slip-ons

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I've just picked up a pair of classic Vans checkerboard slip-ons for the coming summer.  I hadn't thought to get much use out of them, other than beachwear and the like.  To complete the laid-back, 80's So-Cal, chilled-out, Spicoli-esque vibe, I'll be pairing it with a few pairs of Op Classic Collection board shorts. So here's my question:  other than that, does anyone have any other ideas as to how you would (or do) wear these classic kicks?  I vaguely recall another forum member (Mike C?) wearing them with PDC jeans or something similar.  Anyway, I'd love to hear some suggestions as to alternative outfits.  Thanx
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Yea man. These shoes kick ass. You can really wear them with anything, they are perfect for the summer. In the most extreme case, I've seen them worn with a skinny black suit at a club, which worked really well. I wear my Vans with board shorts in the summer at the beach, or with regular leg jeans, not boot-cut.
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The weekly fashion of the Toronto Star had this pic: Here's the accompanying text by fashion writer David Graham: As the brainchild behind "Peroxide," one of Toronto's hippest underground party venues, Will Munro has a reputation for creating his own scene. He's in a new wave/punk frame of mind these days and it's reflected in the theme of his dance parties and the way he dresses. Munro may reference the past but his take is always modern. He is particularly drawn to the attitude and style of Toronto's "raw urban life", suggesting an appropriate location for his photograph might be a rundown neighbourhood in Toronto's inner city or against a backdrop he's decorated with diagonal stripes of yellow duct tape on a black background. He wears a simple white buttoned down shirt wrapped with black electrical tape, a skinny black leather tie, black and white chequered "old school" Vans and a child's helmet with visor. For just a touch of androgyny Munro adds a slick of red lipstick. He believes in event dressing and suggests he is not inclined to reveal too much about himself with each wardrobe change. Sometimes the way you dress is intended to obscure your personality or to reveal information at your own pace, he explains. "It's important to be in control of your own image," he says. At times, that calls for red lipstick. Other times might require a carefully drawn bruise or a trickle of blood. "I like recycled or re-designed clothing," he says. "And often the way I dress depends on what kind of music I'm into at the time." The artist, who spent his youth in Toronto suburbs and studied at OCAD, recently had his artwork created from re-worked underwear shot for I-d magazine. Munro draws a lot of inspiration from the '70s and '80s club and art scenes in London, Berlin and particularly New York.
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What a picture - I've found my new look.. Bradford
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DEVO, eat your heart out.
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