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A really measly selection in my size (8.5F) this time around.
Size 8.5 Sale Shoes Size 8 ½ D Lichfield\tDk Oak\t\t888 Montpellier\tChestnut\t\t184 Elmsley\tBlack\t\t\t202 Cadogan\tBlack\t\t\t888 Size 8 ½ E Sandringham\tMahogany CC\t\t202 Coniston\tBlack\t\t\t202 Exeter\t\tChestnut\t\t808 Holborn\tNutmeg suede\t\t606 Lichfield\tDk Oak\t\t888 Toe medallion Newmarket\tBlack\t\t\t606 Monmouth\tBlack\t\t\t808 Cardiff\t\tChestnut\t\t202 Kibworth\tEdwardian\t\t606 Cumberland\tBurnt pine\t\t202 Dainite Buxton\t\tChestnut\t\t61 Chelsea\tDk Oak\t\t82 Ladbroke\tBurnt pine\t\t888 Cardiff\t\tBlack\t\t\t202 2 pairs Sloane\t\tTobacco suede\t\t65 Elmsley\tBlack\t\t\t202 Cadogan\tBlack\t\t\t888 Isham\t\tBlack\t\t\t202 Burnham Black 888 Elmsley Walnut country calf 202 Ridgeway rubber sole Size 8 ½ F Newbury\tDk Oak\t\t606 Toe medallion 2 pairs Newbury \tMink suede\t\t606 Toe medallion Kingsway\tDk Oak\t\t888 Elmsley\tBlack\t\t\t202 Cadogan\tBlack\t\t\t888 Isham\t\tBlack\t\t\t202
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Size 7 ½ Sale Shoes 7 ½ C Chelsea\tDk Chestnut\t\t202 7 ½ E Cumberland\tBlack\t\t\t606 Dainite sole Harrow \tChestnut\t\t61 Sloane\t\tTobacco suede\t\t65 Sandringham\tMahogany CC\t\t202 Newmarket\tBlack\t\t\t606 Ladbroke\tDk Oak\t\t888 Attlee\t\tBlack\t\t\t606 Berkeley\tBurnt Pine\t\t202 Cardiff\t\tEdwardian\t\t202 2 pairs Ladbroke\tBurnt Pine\t\t888 Falmouth\tBurgundy\t\t808 Normal welts Elmsley\tBlack\t\t\t202 2 pairs Cadogan\tBlack\t\t\t888 2 pairs Isham\t\tBlack\t\t\t202 Falmouth\tBlack\t\t\t808 Normal welts Cardiff\t\tDk Burgundy\t\t202 Knightsbridge Burgundy 184 7 ½ F Stowe\t\tAcorn\t\t\t808 Canterbury\tCinnamon suede\t202 Russell\t\tChestnut\t\t82 Yardley\tChestnut\t\t606 Newbury\tMink Suede\t\t606 Toe medallion Newbury\tDk Oak\t\t606 Toe medallion 2 pairs Chelsea\tBlack\t\t\t82 Lichfield\tDk Oak\t\t888 Toe medallion Banbury\tWalnut CC\t\t202 Dainite sole Chelsea\tMink Suede\t\t202 Windermere\tDk Oak\t\t202 Elmsley\tBlack\t\t\t202 Cadogan\tBlack\t\t\t888 Isham\t\tBlack\t\t\t202 Cardiff\t \tDk Burgundy\t\t202
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What do the Lichfields look like?
Similar to Canterbury: Adelaide quarter-brogue, only without two small holes between the larger holes in the brogueing.
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Can EG sale shoes be returned? I am interest in buying a pair or two, but I want to protect my investment. I will risk the shipping expense.
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Can EG sale shoes be returned? I am interest in buying a pair or two, but I want to protect my investment. I will risk the shipping expense.
If not, you could probably flip them on eBay.
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Quick question, does the 888 fit as snug as the 808. I was hoping to get the Ladbroke in black in the 7.5 but alas they only have it in a 7. If I fit perfectly, as perfect as a RTW can get, in a 808 7.5E should I try to dip down a size considering the deal?
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I would try Greens on in person before placng any orders.  Sizes may be diifferent on different lasts and before you commit that much scratch to a transatlantic transaction  you should definitely try and nail the size...
I'd love to take advantage of the sale -- but I must heed RJ's advice I'm afraid and wait until I try on somewhere.
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What is the shipping to the USA?   I have a vague recollection that it was 30 pounds a couple of years ago. That is an outrageous sum, considering Bennie's was shipping Grensons to Europe for $20.
Since 2000, postage rates from GB & No. Ire. have gone up incredibly. Ridiculous really. You used to be able to ship via seamail, and they'd usually throw it on the plane, in my experience, if it weren't too heavy. Plain old Air Mail is expensive as hell now.
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Another email I receieved from Edward Green about size US 12-1/2 (wide widths) and 13: "Sale shoes in size 12 / 121/2E or F and 12.5 / 13 are as follows CANTERBURY BLACK 12 E 202 ISHAM BLACK 12E 202 CARDIFF BLACK 12 E 808 CHELSEA MINK SUEDE 12F 202 CHELSEA DARK OAK 121/2D 202 CHELSEA BLACK 121/2D 202 CANTERBURY BLACK 121/2D 202 BERKELEY DARK OAK 12/12 D 202 CANTERBURY CHESTNUT 12/12D 202"
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Something fishy is going on here.  Last week, I sent E Green a very polite message asking for what was in my size.  I was told to send a message on the day of the sale.  Begining this week, I see all of you jokers (no offense) posting these long lists of shoes in your size.  I sent a message 4 hours ago asking for the shoes available in my size, and got the following response: *** Dear Sir You are welcome to call us tomorrow for advice on colours lasts etc when we can be more certain of what we have on sale in your size, but please be patient as we will be very busy. *** Something tells me that a little someone may have gotten to the fine folks at E. Green-- T4phage, are you coming between me and my shoes?
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Something tells me that a little someone may have gotten to the fine folks at E. Green-- T4phage, are you coming between me and my shoes?
Bic... now what would give you THAT idea...   That is strange though.. did you anger the Shoe Gods?
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Does anyone know what the EG "Isham" shoe (or boot) is? A google search usually brings up something, even on one of the Japanese shoe porn sights -- this time, I got nothing.
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Does anyone know what the EG "Isham" shoe (or boot) is?
Sorry, neither have I ever come across the Isham before. Maybe they have named a shoe after the musician Mark Isham: http://www.isham.com/ I am intrigued (I thought I knew all of EG's current styles). I'll pop into the EG shop tomorrow, check it out and will post a description later here.
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Chelsea chestnut 11E 202 Elmsley black 11E 202 Cadogan chestnut 11E 202 Westminster chestnut 11E 202 Can anyone direct me to a picture of (or describe) the Elmsley and Westminster models? Chelsea and Cadogan I know.
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I don't have online pics, only the hard copy catalogue. Elmsley is a cap-toed derby. Westminister is a cap-toe double-buckle monk.
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