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As recently as about a year ago, M&H was selling EGs on its EBay website. Some of the more unusual shoes though -- slip-on spectators, IIRC.
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(Stu @ June 12 2005,07:57)
Originally Posted by RJMan,June 06 2005,21:02
Saks NYC Jay Kos Asprey (1-2 models) Polo RL (Rhinelander Mansion and a few large stores) Sky Valet Washington DC Malouf's Burlingame CA Mitchells of Westport and Richard's of Greenwich Boyd's Philadelphia In Canada I know that L'Uomo or one of those big stores in Montreal carries/carried Greens.  Not sure who would carry it in Vancouver.  I don't know if Holt Renfrew does. That's all I can think of.
Maus & Hoffman for anyone in Florida sells EG. They are labeled EG Made for Maus & Hoffman, so I don't know if they fit the same as regular EG.
They still do, huh?  About 4 years ago M&H was trying to get rid of some Malvern spectators for $400 on its website.  I figured around then that they were discontinuing Green.
I don't live in Florida anymore but I did until February. And M&H was selling EGs then in their flagship store on Worth Ave. in Palm Beach. They had about 4 models -- a couple of which were pretty conservative, laceups. I did see a pair of slip-on spectators but they were really sweet. Not at all over the top.
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Since this EG sale (in England) starts on June 23rd, I thought I'd bump this post.  For the uninitiated, you can send an email to "" to ask what shoes they have in your size.  They have flat rates for shoes, trees and shipping to the US -- just ask in your email.
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Anyone know how the 888 last fits in comparison to the C&J 337 last?
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It fits comparably. That is, if you are a UK8 in C&J, the 8/8.5E should fit in the EGs. But I think it is not wise to order EG shoes without first trying them on.
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I hope to be there Thursday morning.
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Prices are £251 ex VAT for most shoes, £277 ex VAT for Dover and boots. Here are the size 9.5 sale shoes:
Size 9 ½ D Lichfield\tDk Oak\t\t888 Toe medallion Chelsea\tDk Oak\t\t82 Berkeley\tEdwardian\t\t202 Malvern\tMink Suede\t\t33 Sloane\t\tBurnt Pine\t\t65 Montpellier\tBlack\t\t\t184 Montpellier\tChestnut\t\t184 Elmsley\tBlack\t\t\t202 Cadogan\tBlack\t\t\t888 Knightsbridge\tBlack\t\t\t184 Size 9 ½ E Cardiff\t\tChestnut\t\t202 Buxton\t\tChestnut\t\t61 Newmarket\tBurnt Pine\t\t606 Chelsea\tDk oak\t\t\t82 Kibworth\tEdwardian\t\t202 Ladbroke\tBurnt Pine\t\t888 Sloane\t\tTobacco suede\t\t65 Lichfield\tDk Oak\t\t888 Toe medallion Asquith\tNutmeg suede\t\t888 Cumberland\tBlack\t\t\t202 Munnings (Sloane) Edwardian\t100 Belfry\t\tCoffee Suede\t\t184 Prestwick\tBlack\t\t\t184 Lambeth\tChestnut\t\t101 Lambeth\tBlack\t\t\t101 Cardiff \tCognac suede\t\t808 Cardiff\t\tBurgundy\t\t202 Knightsbridge\tBurgundy\t\t184 Newlyn\tBlack\t\t\t100 Knightsbridge Black\t\t\t184 Falmouth\tBlack\t\t\t808 Normal welt Isham\t\tBlack\t\t\t202 Cadogan\tBlack\t\t\t888 2 pairs Elmsley\tBlack\t\t\t202 2 pairs Knightsbridge Burgundy 184 Sandringham Black country calf 202 Dainite rubber sole Size 9 ½ F Stowe\t\tAcorn\t\t\t808 Carnegie\tBlack Patent\t\t606 Cadogan\tEdwardian\t\t82 Lichfield\tDk Oak\t\t888 Toe medallion Cardiff\t\tDk Oak\t\t202 Newbury\tMink Suede\t\t202 Toe medallion Cumberland\tBurnt Pine\t\t202 Canterbury\tCinnamon suede\t202 Newbury\tBlack\t\t\t606 Canterbury\tDk Oak\t\t202 Newbury\tDk Oak\t\t606 Toe medallion Elmsley\tBlack\t\t\t202 Cadogan\tBlack\t\t\t888 Isham\t\tBlack\t\t\t202 Knightsbridge Black\t\t\t184 Cardiff\t\tBurgundy\t\t202
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Anybody in Los Angeles carrying EGs?
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From an email I just received in response to my inquiry (about a 1 hour turnaround from the time I sent them an email -- very quick.) Regarding 12C and 12D (that is, size 12-1/2 US): "We have no 12C fittings on sale. We have the following sale shoes size 12D, price £251 tax free , plus shipping. Cadogan , chestnut 12D 202 last Wigmore , dark chestnut 12D 606 last."
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What do the Lichfields look like?
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Does anyone happen to know what sale items are in size UK 8.5F?
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I just sent an email to them enquiring about 7.5/8 E, I'll post there reponse when I recieve. WHN
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What is the shipping to the USA? I have a vague recollection that it was 30 pounds a couple of years ago. That is an outrageous sum, considering Bennie's was shipping Grensons to Europe for $20.
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Per EG's e-mail, their size 10UK/10.5US shoes
Size 10 C Berkeley\tBlack\t\t\t202 Size 10 D Montpellier\tChestnut\t\t184  2 pairs Monmouth\tDk Oak Willow\t888 Lichfield\tDk Oak\t\t888  Toe medallion Elmsley\tBlack\t\t\t202 Cadogan\tBlack\t\t\t888 Knightsbridge\tBlack\t\t\t184 Size 10 E Falmouth\tBurgundy\t\t808  Normal welts Ashby\t\tBurnt pine\t\t606 Lambeth\tBlack\t\t\t101 Ladbroke\tBurnt Pine\t\t888 Chelsea\tDk Oak\t\t82 Inverness\tDk oak\t\t\t888 Yardley\tEdwardian\t\t606 Sandringham\tMahogany CC\t\t202 Oundke\tChestnut\t\t808 Asquith\tNutmeg suede\t\t888 Yardley\tDk Oak\t\t606 Ashby \t\tEdwardian\t\t888 Lambeth\tChestnut\t\t101 Cumberland\tBurnt Pine\t\t202  Dainite sole Banbury\tBlack\t\t\t202 Russell\t\tChestnut\t\t82 Sloane\t\tTobacco suede\t\t65 Elmsley\tBlack\t\t\t202  2 pairs Cadogan\tBlack\t\t\t888 Isham\t\tBlack\t\t\t202 Falmouth\tBlack\t\t\t808 Knightsbridge\tBlack\t\t\t184 Newlyn\tBlack\t\t\t100 Cardiff\t\tBurgundy\t\t202 Knightsbridge\tBurgundy\t\t184 Size 10 F Kingsway\tDK Oak\t\t888 Russell\t\tChestnut\t\t82 Lichfield\tDk Oak\t\t888  Toe medallion Warwick\tBurnt Pine\t\t202 Canterbury\tDk Oak\t\t202 Cumberland\tBurnt Pine\t\t202 Newbury\tMink Suede\t\t606  Toe medallion Kibworth\tEdwardian\t\t202 Chelsea\tChestnut\t\t202 Elmsley\tBlack\t\t\t202 Cadogan\tBlack\t\t\t888 Isham\t\tBlack\t\t\t202 Knightsbridge\tBlack\t\t\t184 Cardiff\t\tBurgundy\t\t202
Nothing I'm after is on this list, sadly . MtB
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Hmmm, in 10E there's an Oundle (the replacement for the Stowe) and the Banbury boot..... Nice.
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