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I'm not sure how to quantify which is best, but several places have interesting pocket squares. For cheap basic silk ones, there's always Jos A. Bank (plain and patterned): http://www.josbank.com/IWCatPr....=147171 http://www.josbank.com/IWCatPr....=256662 And Brooks Brothers, of course: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatPr....=928191 Ben Silver has the widest variety of interesting linen squares I've seen with patterns and contrasting colored edges: http://www.bensilver.com/fs_storefro...ot=38&show=137 Robert Talbott silk squares are available here: https://hansensclothing.com/category.asp?id=203 and here: http://www.directclothiers.com/default....word=ww Mulberrywood has some of their handwoven Thai silks ones here: http://www.mulberrywood.com/store...._id=274 and my understanding is that they will make a square out of any of their silks you want. And Vineyard Vines has some whimsical ones that I personally don't care for too much, but might be your cup of tea: http://www.vineyardvines.com/product...cketsques.html
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I just got a Mulberrywood square as an experiment. Wow. Nice piece of fabric. Very unique, very elegant. Well worth it. Nice people, too.
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hanks for the info.... as a start i just brought 12 pocket squares for $20 on ebay...
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Can't really call it the best place, but Harvie and Hudson has cotton and silk pocket square on their site now. http://www.harvieandhudson.com/product.phtml?id=27
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