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I use Murray's Hair Wax.
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thats how i do...the part doesnt seem too well defined here (im drunk and messy) but it gets the point across....wear my part to the side and back:
Same here...
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I like the look a lot, but have recently decided that a razor-sharp part looks too neat/boring/conservative. As much as I hate to admit it, for me, it seems to function as a bit of a turn off to members of the opposite sex, and actually appears to attract unwanted (for me) attention from members of the same sex. I've found that a less defined part works better for me, which I achieve by parting neatly and then brushing over forward, so that the hair still parts, but you can't actually see the scalp.

Also, Redken Maneuver is the latest-and-greatest for me, after using nothing at all for years.
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Originally Posted by Cas Ruffin View Post
I use Murray's Hair Wax.

Does that leave your hair shiny? Also, does it hold the hair shape throughout the day?
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Originally Posted by TylerDurden View Post
Yhea, looks fine, make sure your hairs long enough, and not to long.

He wears it well...

What product would some one use to get this, Pomade?

Oh yes, he wears it well because he had some hair operations. With his hairline during the ER times, he wouldn't be able to pull that off.
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People don't seem to have realised that Clooney looks good because his hair is not excessively flat, nor is it excessively greasy. Gluing your hair to your head with grease is just gross, and you won't get a female to come within a square mile of you. If you're gay, then fair enough, but otherwise, do what Clooney does and know that (1) Yes, a side part can look great, but also (2) you have to do it properly! Looking at some of the pics in this thread is turning me off my dinner. Cut back on the glue!
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God I wanna go 50's greaser for my next look.
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Found this on WAYWT

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I wish I could part my hair.......... Or, I guess I should say, I wish I had enough hair to part.
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In the interest of self-aggrandization, here are pictures of my father and grandfather (in his younger days) rocking the side part. In my grandfather's case it is Parachute coconut oil, in my father's case it's just the natural oil of the hair - he only washes it every 2-3 days. Note, you will need good genetics to pull this off - my grandfather is in his early 70's and he still has his side part, today shock-white instead of gray. Makes me hope I age as well

sidenote: are huge old-person glasses coming back anytime soon? I sure hope so
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Wish I could do it, it's awesome, but the receding hairline says FAIL.
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Originally Posted by crazyquik View Post
Found this on WAYWT

doesn't really work imo. You need at least a somewhat angular skull to pull it off, otherwise it just looks effeminate.
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sup tobey mcguire.
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Originally Posted by BubblyMasquerade View Post
sup tobey mcguire.

bahahahha, spot on,
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