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Went to Bal Harbour Shops yesterday, and there are some new stores that caught my attention, namely the Domenico Vacca store and Thomas Pink. Vacca, of course is amazing, but I was taken aback that they now had a store so close to Palm Beach (seeing as they only have 6 stores) store since South Florida is hardly a place where suits are worn much, when compared to say Manhattan. Thomas Pink was surprising because the prices really are outrageous for the type of shirt they sell. $140 for "˜regular' fabric, "˜fitted' shirts are $160, WTF? Plastic buttons, unmatched patterns, crappy fabrics...a total rip-off of the gullible uneducated public. The stores overall seem to have more and more very attractive salesladies, which is always a plus. The salespeople at Thoreau are still idiots that really need to learn more about watches (The Rattrapante button is not the "˜flyback' function). Jon.