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Clothes in oceans 11?

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So i finally got around to renting oceans 11, and the movie was great. i love the kind of shirts that brad pitt is wearing throughout the movie. anybody know where i can buy these without spending an arm and a leg? Thanks ben
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Finally I watched it last nite, and I have to say the clothes did live up to the what everyone was saying. Really some amazing stuff. I don't know where Brad Pitt got those shirts; I think someone said a Tailor in Vegas made all the clothes. I do have a shirt exactly like the ones he wears. What makes the shirt is the slim fit, strong collar, and great material. Believe it or not it is a Barney's brand shirt I got on sale for $75. They usually go for $125 and are worth every penny. Definatly better than any Hugo Boss, Donna Karen Signature, Burberry, Ike Behar shirt I've tried on. The Barney's brand is by far the closest thing to those shirts for the least amount of money.
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Mike C is right on. Coulda sworn I saw a couple of D&G and Versace pieces as well. maybe Prada? Check out the Spring/Summer Neiman Marcus catalog. Anyway- it's time to go shopping, guys. Seasonal sales are coming up....
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I bought the dvd last weekend and it has a commentary solely on the clothes and designs in the movie. Mike C is right-- Brad Pitt's clothes are custom-tailored. However, you can find a similar look if you just look around a bit. I have a grey (almost silver) shirt that is a little shimmery. I matched this with a similarly colored tie and pulled off the look BP has at the beginning of the movie when he is teaching the movie stars how to play cards. I got a lot of compliments, and I liked the way it looked. BTW, the shirt is from Structure. The tie is by Z, Inc. Good luck and good choice for inspiration.
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