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SF is nothing like LA in terms of how it's laid out. It is actually really small, but it'll easily take about an hour to get out of Union Square when the traffic is bad. You're better off walking when in the city proper.
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You could get a great place south of the park around 18th Avenue -- if you get the right place, it can shoot you right to the highway to Palo Alto.
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I also lived in the Bay Area for a while - in Contra Costa County. What johnny norman said is true. He did leave out the fact that there are great places nearby: Napa, Berkeley (for some radicalizing of your being), Sausalito, and, one of my favorite places on Earth - Yosemite. It's a bit of a drive but well worth it (better in the off season to avoid the crowds).
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Aside from the Ralp Lauren store in Palo Alto's Stanford Shopping Centre there is also a Neiman Marcus, Nordtsrom, and Bloomingdales. The Neiman Marcus is rather small compared to the one in San Francisco. San Francisco's Saks Men's Store is well-stocked although the shoes are perhaps lacking somewhat. But if you want Galliano Homme or Helmut Lang then you can find it there.
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ima be up there for a day next week.....any good places that sell "rare" denim in Union Square?
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i dunno from rare, but the levi's store, downstairs, has some vintage/premium stuff i think. also you can get your jeans customized there.
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ima be up there for a day next week.....any good places that sell "rare" denim in Union Square?
ab fits will carry some stuff from local designers that can be found nowhere else. Otherwise, Rolo in the SOMA is probably your best bet (the one on Market is more designer stuff.)
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I moved from there in August after living in the area for 10 years. This entire thread sparks some major homesickness. As Johnny states very eloquently, once you've lived there it will always feel like home, and you'll always want to go back. IM me if you're interested in some other out of the way shopping places not listed so far, in the city or on the peninsula. Weather in and around Palo Alto is amazing...Stanford Shopping Center also has a Wilkes, and the shopping at Valley Fair mall and Santana Row in San Jose are pretty good too... Really only one thing could have gotten me to leave- my daughters... But things so far are working well here, all things considered.
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cool....havent been to Frisco in quite a few years, so it will be nice to hang out there again. It *is* a great town, i like the general vibe, nice architecture and esp the weather (being on the cooler side). Housing/rent sure seems like a bitch tho, from the reports i've heard from friends who live in the area.
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And it is true that Mitchell Brothers reputedly stands alone in terms of depravity (I have never been there, however).
Out of my last 10 trips to SF with my friends I would say that probably 8 of them ended at Mitchell Brothers. No matter what we go to do it seems we always end up there. That was the first strip club and I was definitely shocked the whole time by what was going on. Some of the most fun I've had has been with former Mitchell Brothers employees, they definitely know how to have a good time. I always go for the shopping but somehow end up there.
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union square has the same shops as any other city... nothing special, really. the areas to check out are the haight and hayes valley... thats assuming you want streetwear since you posted in the streetwear forum. has some very comprehensive shopping maps of san fran that are worth taking a look at.
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Wilkes Bashford a few blocks away from Union Square on Sutter St. is one of the best high-end mens' stores anywhere. It's not the place for streetwear though. Cable Car Clothiers carries a lot of British goods. If you'd like a Swaine Adney Brigg umbrella with a Royal Warrant, this is where to go. I bought mine there about 10 years ago after suffering through lots of umbrellas that fell apart. This one keeps going and going. Problem solved. Yes, the Levi's store on Union Square definitely has the vintage line. I was there just a few weeks ago. It's on the basement level. Mitchell Brothers? Heh. Let me just say that San Francisco makes Las Vegas look like Salt Lake City or Sunday school in this department. There are virtually no restrictions as fits the most liberal major city in the nation. I'll leave that to your imagination. Bring a fat wallet and play safe. North Beach is a tourist trap if you're looking for these clubs and not representative of the special situation in San Francisco. This is all from a friend of a friend, of course. Homes are expensive. I think the average Bay Area home is around $650,000. In the nicer areas, a million dollars is pretty typical now. That'll get you a tract home that isn't that special. The median home price in Atherton, just a short distance from Palo Alto, is $3,175,000. Eight of the 10 most expensive towns in California are in the Bay Area. Palo Alto (pop. 57,543 as of 2002) is over $1,200,000. Consider the costs before deciding to move here.
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within san francisco, $650k might get you a one- or two-bedroom home, more likely a condo. if you're of limited means but keen to get in the RE market, look into TIC's/condo conversion. i would say a regular 2-3 bed starter home in a decent neighborhood like the richmond is currently going to run at least 800k-900k. for some more perspective, atherton/woodside area is where larry ellison has his jillion-dollar estate. however there are hot and less-hot spots in the palo alto area; it's just that atherton is white-poker hot. /andrew
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