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Snappy Auctions - will sell your stuff on eBay

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I recently discovered SnappyAuctions, a service that sells your stuff on eBay.  I used them to sell some Oxxford suits and Alden shoes and the moved them quickly.  They are in most major cities (or will be soon) and are also at
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I looked into a couple of these and was amazed at the high fees they charge. Sure, they have to take pictures and write descriptions, but still -- 30% off the top seemed to be the norm from what I saw.
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30% is not enough - a brick and mortar consignment store would charge you 50% for a small fraction of the work, and they don't have to pay 10-15% off the top to ebay/paypal. At 30% I think it is a losing proposition for the consignment company...
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Although I have no experience with snappyauctions in particular, I must say I like ebay auction dropoff companies -- as a buyer. Many, indeed, most, don't know how to sell clothing, much less high-end clothing. Misspelled brand names, insufficient pictures, esoteric measurements or no measurements at all, etc. It's as if the amateurs have farmed out their amateurness to would-be professionals.
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Right about those eBay consignment places that don't know clothes-- got a 1 year old Zegna navy Su Misura with functional sleeve buttons-- maybe worn twice-- for a little over $200... From a buyer's point of view... love 'em. Ned Soltz
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One of those companies listed about 10 Paul Stuart used suits about 4 months ago -- all priced at something like $75 each. The descriptions and pictures were so awful that I don't think a single one was sold, must less saw any bidding action. They were relisted once, with the same lack of interest.
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Alright, this thread is just begging for blatant self promotion, sorry If you want to sell high-end clothing, best to post it here on the forum, or if you want it on ebay then go through a professional, eg. me....
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A Harris - if you truly wanted to self-promote, you should have said "i.e.", not "e.g."
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