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dismal sale

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==edit: meant to post this on the weston sale thread...moderators, feel free to delete and move== - tiny store, so they only allow a handful of people to be in store at any time. as of 11am: - all men's shoes were $295, including loafers, lace-ups, and boots. - all women's shoes were $99. - ties were $40. mediocre quality. - belts were $130. - men's selection of shoes was actually good, though the selection of loafers were concentrated on burgundy calf, navy suede, and red leather. no black or brown leather loafers. plenty of lace-ups in cap-toes and brogues. lace-up boots also in good selection. == i've been too spoiled by previous sales and couldn't justify spending $295 on Westons when i've acquired Grenson Masterpieces at $120 and below.
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Seok when did you go ? I was looking for you. Belts and Ties ? They must have brought them out later, there was nothing but shoes when I left at 10:15.
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Considering that the retail price on Weston shoes in most cases is now over $600, $295 sounds like a very good price. I don't think it's reasonable to expect to find regularly a decent selection of top-quality shoes selling for $120.
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I rarely find anything in my size that is heavily discounted. Thankfully Ron Rider is always able to help with reasonable priced quality shoes. I smuggled the shoes into the house, now how do I convince my wife that blue suede shoes are "not new honey, I have had them for ages" ? Going to have to hide them until fathers day and say they were a gift.
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redtree, we must've overlapped. by the time i went into the physical store it was approximately 10.20am.
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So where were the ties/belts/etc?
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ties were in two cardboard boxes. belts were in a larger cardboard box. they were all stationed around the cashier. i did have to ask a salesperson to locate them...
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