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I think there is a tendency to overestimate the wealth of foreigners.
has its upside tho... can walk past any security guard anywhere just by waving
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I used to joke about the treatment I got in parts of asia and africa - being stout and pink people would treat me like some kind of god sometimes, but they also all thought that you could solve their families economic problems for generations in the future.....
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newyorker, You might find the book Cafe Europa interesting. About Eastern Europe but can be applied to any impoverished nation. Westerners seen as a means to cash in by locals. Also, haggling is a way of life in many cultures.
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This thread reminds me of a scene from Monty Python's "Life of Brian." Graham Chapman is trying to buy something from a street vendor (Eric Idle) and is in a hurry. He says he'll just pay what the vendor is asking. The vendor calls over a security guard and forces Chapman to haggle over the price.
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