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Washington DC and NOVA Tailor

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Does anyone in the DC contingent have a recommendation for a tailor? In particular, I have several pairs of pants that need hems and one shirt that needs an inch taken off of the sleeves. These are both run of the mill but I have had bad luck with the ladies at the local dry cleaner. Georgetown, downtown or Arlington is preferable. Thanks, Pallena
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I highly recommend Field on Wisconsin Avenue in upper Georgetown.
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Georgetown valet dry cleaners in Clarendon by the Barne's and Noble has worked well for me with simpler alterations (don't ask how many places I've tried in courthouse/clarendon). She was the only one when asked to shorten my sleeves that removed the placket, reattached it with the patterns lined back up and preserved the two pleats where the sleeves attach to the cuffs. I also brought a striped shirt to her with a nasty rip in the sleeve and she managed to patch it; I thought the shirt was rag material. I don't think I'd have her work on a sportcoat/suitcoat though.
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Geoffrey Lewis on H Street at 15th. They have altered a dress shirt as well as a few pair of pants for me to my satisfaction.
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If you want a perfect job done, I'd take it to Field's, as MEdwards recommended. They are a father/son tailor (and custom clothing) shop that you'd do well to get to know. And, Sky Valet shoe store is next door - the best in the DC area. For simpler jobs, I have used G. Lewis on H Street -- convenient to my office, but not the same amount of care and "love" IMO as at Field's.
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Everyone, Excellent feedback. I really appreciate it. Now I just need to find the time to get to one of these places. I've long heard of Fields and enjoyed the discussion on Sky Valet regarding the EG trunk show from three weeks back. Pallena
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I have used Field's for suit and trouser alterations for some time, and they are excellent.  However, they will not shorten shirt sleeves in the manner one might prefer (i.e., removing and reattaching the placket).  I spoke to Mr. Field (jr.) about such an alteration once, and his response was that they are not shirtmakers and won't undertake that particular task.
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