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Out of 20 or so shirts I have only one (not counting evening shirts) a bespoke T&A in Sea Island cotton herringbone. It is a very nice shirt, and I do probably wear it disproportionately often - but still no more than once every two weeks. My complexion (blonde, pale) really doesn't work very well with white. Like cream even less (just doesn't look right) and tend to wear plain blue shirts (herringbone, or some other weave with a bit of texture) or striped shirts (blue on white; or if I am feeling adventurous blue + x on white) 70% of the time. The only exception to my blue preference is pink. Really like pink shirts - just got a new pink shirt from Sean O'Flynn today (in a slightly muted pink Oxford from Alumo)

On a bit of a tangent, also decided to get some linens and cotton-linens made up for summer (blue and blue on white stripe you'll be surprised to hear). Can't wait to see how they turn out
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If I wear a white shirt, it is OCBD as part of a regular work shirt rotation.
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After years of wearing mostly blue, I converted to white over the last 6+ years. I am a jeans, white shirt, tailored jacket kinda guy.

However, I have begun leaning towards more solid blue, especially end-on-end recently.
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I noticed I haven't been buying much whites,trying to get more white shirts now,nothing wrong with wearing a white shirt,that said,I probably won't wear it more than once a week.
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Love white OCBDs for casual wear and linen/linen cotton blends for summer. Only wear a white dress shirt when the situation demands it.
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I have around 12 pressed white shirts in my closet at home. I also keep one at my office. I wear them all the time. I have found that a crisp white shirt always works.
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white works great with an odd jacket.

Sometimes the heavy pattern on an odd jacket looks too busy with a patterned shirt.
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I'm starting to appreciate the clean look of a nice white shirt - maybe because I started with a bunch of striped and patterned ones that I am getting a little tired of. I wear a suit most days of the week and usually without a tie. I only have two white shirts, but if and when I get new shirts, I would get at least two more.
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