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New Kicks

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Picked these up yesterday at the Puma store in Soho.  
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Very interesting that the colorway extends all the way across the bottom of the shoe. Nice pair even though I'm not a fan of Pumas.
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I keep seeing those and I can't stand the honeycomb thing. Are they comfortable? I can't even imagine. And the front has no tread? WTF? BTW, Puma Kings in kangaroo with the black indoor sole are still one of my favorite all-around shoes, but it's pretty much impossible to find them here. I ended up getting a pair of Kelmes in kangaroo to replace my last Pumas, and those are doing pretty well so far.
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They are okay comfort wise, very similar comfort to the pair of Schattenboxen that I had before.  The honeycomb thing is a bit strange, but I find it cool.  Definitely prefer these to the all ubiquitous Speedcats. These are the Schattenboxen's. As with everything, tastes vary. Oh and as far as traction go, I wore them in the rain last night and they are fine, I guess the honeycomb thing provides the traction?
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I gotta give it to Puma's, ugly or not, they do guarantee abundant attention. I have a pair of Brushspikes that do make people turn their heads and believe me - they do provoke some raw emotions.
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