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Removing effect of shirt over-ironing

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Dear Folks: One or another forum, I recently saw instructions, perhaps from AK, on how to remove the shine, etc, from collar of an over-ironed cotton dress shirt. Perhaps lemon salts were involved. Can't remember the rest, or even what lemon salts are exactly. Please advise. A link to the old thread would be lovely.
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Yes,and I believe a similar technique is effective on over- ironed jacket lapels/edges.Do tell...somebody/anybody??
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Twilight zone time? I posted a reply to this inquiry a few hours ago and - after being there -it seems to have dropped into the void. To recap, the lemon salts reference was to allowing the juice of a lemon to evaporate over the course of a couple of days and then brushing the resultant residue/"salts" into the discoloration that has been caused by bad or inattentive ironing. I tried it with a small brown discoloration (not a full-scale scorch mark) on the cuff of a Battistoni ebay shirt and it seemed to work just fine. As for the problem with post-ironing "shine" I'll have to defer to other experts.
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Sorry. A senior moment. I'd responded to the same question on Andy and not here so pay no attention to the previous reply's intro about disappearing responses (scrubbed with lemon salts, no doubt).
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As long as we're dicussing smelling salts,er,um-- oops wrong forum.
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