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Father's Day?

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Have any of you who have procreated been dropping hints about what you might be able to use for Father's Day? I've been nonchalantly leaving some catalouges lay around the house and mentioning a few of my favorite Web sites.  Proactive management of the situation to avoid getting RL Polo shirts from Marshalls.
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Dropping hints? Nothing that subtle. Just last night I brought to my lovely wife's attention a bow tie on Anthony Kirby's web site that I've had my eye on for some time.
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I have to find something to give my father. I already gave him a tie twice.
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here's what i got my dad: ------ as (un)luck would have it, my wedding anniversary is right around father's day, so the idea of dropping hints for a gift is fraught with scorekeeping risk. also we don't really make a big deal out of the mother's/father's day stuff in our house - i didn't really give her a gift this year, so i'm not expecting one in return. (i think it kindof sucks that mother's day comes first on the calendar.) i am waiting impatiently for the kids to get old enough to have some say in the matter. let them take care of this stuff. /andrew
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Wear I live it's a huge deal -- the stores and malls are closed on both Father's Day and Mother's Day. I usually spend about $400 for my wife on Mother's Day, including brunch at the Ritz. Some people in Puerto Rico even buy their mothers cars. By the way, Chuck, Jon, Lance and other retailers on here, I'd be happy to let you know my wife's email address if you'd care to send along links to your sites
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