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Dior Homme suit

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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum mods. I have an opportunity to pick up a Dior Homme suit in a mid gray pin stripe, very trendy, ie. narrow lapels, flat front trousers, slim styling, for about $450. I don't need it myself but am considering trying to flip it on ebay, although I don't really know what I can expect to get for it. I know the regular price was a little over $2200. Do you think this might be a worthwhile endeavour? Cheers
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If you're only buying it to flip it, then search 'dior homme' in 'completed items' on ebay, and you'll find what prices similar items have reached.
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Size? Condition? Weight of material? Someone here may very well be willing to make it worth your while to pick it up for him.
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Perhaps a small size?
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It is in brand new condition, tags still attached, size 38, 2 button, 3 season weight. I think I'll try to get some pictures of it and some basic measurements. I won't be able to purchase it until the 16th but hopefully I can gauge interest in it by then. Thanks for your replies, Denning
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Is it canvassed? What type of material and what color?
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I'm sure you will have someone here interested. In fact it sounds like my size. Post more info when you get the suit.
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