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Gauging interest - Commission a painting

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So this is a test to see both what I can do and if this is something people might be interested in.

My BA is in fine arts with an emphasis in painting, but I have not produced any art in over a year. It's what I truly want to do, but because money makes the world go round, I'm in grad school for business.

Anyway, if someone would like to commission a painting ( pretty much anything, although I'd prefer to do a portrait), I'd be willing to give it a shot.

How it would work:
You send me a picture and explain any specifics you might want (or if you want something abstract, describe what you'd like).
I paint the piece and send you a photo via email to see if you approve (no photoshop, standard house lighting).
If you like and want the piece, then you pay for it and I ship (it will be taken off stretcher bars and sent in a tube - different method could be arranged).

I will be working with oils and using heavy linen canvas.

For right now, I will only be accepting one person to test the waters (if one person even wants to take a chance). Let me know if you'd like to try it, first come first serve.
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Rough idea of price sought? Perhaps based on "per hour" or on canvas size?
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Guinea pig #1 has been found. We'll see how this turns out.

I'm be looking at $200+ based on size.

A "small" size would be around 20"x30". Large could be 4'x6' (yes, in feet). "Per hour" will always be far far far below minimum wage.

See old work here:
And yes, "current works" was never completed as I became too busy at the gallery I was at.
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I know you haven't done any art in over a year, but perhaps posting a pic of your previous work might help people get a feel for your style and abilities?
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I would like to see some of your previous work as well. Depending on your style, this is something I might be interested in for the future. Let us resuscitate patronage together! EDIT: Found some works on the webpage. Did you do both the staircase pictures and the byzantine-esque icons? Because they're very divergent in style. I'd be interested in seeing one of your portraits.
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Digging through my website archives and found some stuff. I've done so many paintings and most of them have since been ruined, painted over or thrown out.


Some sand dunes from Saudi Arabia

Stylized portrait of my mother (used a picture from when she was younger).

A self portrait, too bad I don't have the original picture for comparison.

And an etching of a greek dancer:
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cool website brother
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