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cutaway collars

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Is a cutaway collar dress shirt appropriate for a conservative office? I kind of dig the way they look, but I don't want to look like I am trying to stand out.
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I think that in a conservative office environment in Atlanta, a cutaway collar will definitely stand out. Depending on the workplace culture, even a medium spread collar might not be the "norm."
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I disagree. I think spread and cutaway collars actually look more formal and conservative. Will you stand out? maybe. Will you look dressed down? Absolutely not.
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Would the amount of formality added by a cutaway collar be similar to amount of fomality added by french cuffs with cuff links? The reason I ask is that I do sometimes see men in cufflinks (although I do not wear them to work). If the two are similar in their impact, I might be ok.
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I suppose so. Look, chances are if you wear something that didn't come from Today's Man or Banana Republic you are going to look better than the majority of people in today's offices. Is that the kind of standing out you are going to mind? I don't understand why people are concerned about standing out? All these threads about whether it's ok to dress better than their boss, whether it's ok to have a nicer briefcase than a superior, whether a cutaway collar will be too striking... Sorry, it's not you, it's just I don't understand this desire to blend in. I knew someone who used to interview a lot. He always asked his interviewees where they pictured themselves in 10 years. The wrong answer was to say, oh, in a mid-level position, making a decent salary. The correct answer is: I want your job; in fact, I want to be running this whole place. It's the correct answer because it's the ambitious answer. Working hard for yourself means your going to work hard for the firm. When you want to make yourself money, you end up making the firm money. Everyone wins. The sure way to get to the top is to act the part before you get there. This isn't to say you should act out of turn, or speak at a meeting when your role is really to listen and let the more senior colleague do the talking. But, dressing beyond your "station," having the right manners and etiquette - these never hurt anyone. Sorry for the ramble. I have gone way beyond your question. But, in short, my answer is: go for it. People are not going to look at your cutaway collar and whisper beyond your back, "Did you see what weeks was wearing today. Can you believe that guy.?.?." Believe me. Looking and acting the part means you ARE the part.
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I appreciate your help zjpj83. On standing out from the crowd, I think that most people do not mind standing out in a positive way. What most people, myself included, are trying to avoid, is being "that guy" who stands out as either trying to hard or just being an idiot. Like Lumberg in the movie Office Space. But I guess to do anything remotly individualistic, one has to take a chance that might result in looking foolish.
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I agree with zjpj83 in general, as long as you feel comfortable. As for the cutaway collars ( unlike cufflinks), I am not so sure many will be able really to point out the difference in the collar. You will certainly stand out, and probably look better than the rest, but (in my opinion) without being tainted as "trying too hard". Cufflinks are sort of a different story, since they are noticeable ( however, it hasn't stopped me from wearing them to interviews.) B
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Agree with Buster - you will look good without trying to hard. By the way, it is really hard to look like you are trying too hard. I know young people in their 20s who work in business casual offices and yet wear suits to work every day. Talk about standing out. And you know something? They aren't regarded as trying too hard.
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