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Im sure it looks good on you chrono, but on alot of people/store looks, they look rather "unatural". I dont know if its a sizing issue (people getting the smallest possible size) or if they actually look like that. Its a difference between "slim fit", and short sleeves/short body. In many cases, they imo end up looking rather extreme and "cartoonish". And its definitly not for me, but since the basic look (casual ocbd) is in my neighbourhood, I cant help but notice...
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I agree. I think a lot of people are starting to try to look to BoO as the shirt equivalent of APC NS and based on the kind of threads we see, i think that's where it is. Also, BoO is featured in pretty much every issue of GQ and mens fashion things. It's bigger than an internet phenomenon. Just like with APCs NS, not everyone looks good in BoO shirts. Some body types look great in it. I think i've seen a fit where shoreman wore BoO and he looked good in it, as does Teger/whodini in real life in BoO. Although, i've seen some waywts with people buying them as they think it's instant style and it looks really mediocre to bad on them. People should never try to force themselves into clothes. This gitman stuff seems a lot more up your alley. Slightly less slim, a little longer, still an emphasis on fabrics and vintagey patterns/materials. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some.
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I look a little ridiculous in APC NS and BoO. Which is why I don't own any. I think you're right in saying people try to force themselves into clothes. Hopefully the Gitman works out since I really like the look of the line. Just not on OAKs website...
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The pics on Oak make the [oxford] shirts look as just as slim as BOO. The one plaid shirt they have doesn't look as slim. What do you guys think the deal is? Oak definitely does some fishy shit with their photography but I don't think they pin stuff. Dunno.
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Never ever trust oak's pictures.
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hey chrono, can you suggest some good boat shoes? If I switch out the laces on the Merona ones at Target they'll be just like the Sperry X Boo jobbies.... right?
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Originally Posted by robbie View Post
hey chrono, can you suggest some good boat shoes? If I switch out the laces on the Merona ones at Target they'll be just like the Sperry X Boo jobbies.... right?
The target ones will be better made than the sperry ones.
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thread prediction: at least 3 pages of bullshit to follow
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Which means much better than the BoO x sperrys. Then again, i bought used sperrys on ebay like 2 years ago and those things have survived every beating i've thrown at them. God bless made in china/mexico "american" products People need to listen to robin. NEVER trust oaknyc's pictures. It will definitely be slightly looser, longer and not as much contrast when you get your package in the mail.
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Originally Posted by robin View Post
The target ones will be better made than the sperry ones.
The buttons won't come off on the Target ones. Also +1 on not trusting OAK photos. They care not for providing accurate representations of their products--they just want their tiny hipster models to look good at weird angles and they will do whatever is necessary to make it happen.
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Originally Posted by nakedundermyclothes View Post
If I take an XL in Boo and like a M in J Crew I'm assuming I'm gonna have to go with a M in Gitman?

same here....let me know which size you end up going with

Originally Posted by pg600rr View Post
I have wanted to grab one but I am also worried about the fit/sizing.. I am 6'1" 185 lbs. so the Xl BoO looks pretty shitty on me... I have had the worst time trying to find some nice casual shirts, BoO sizing makes me look like a grown man trying to wear a young boys shirt, Steven Alan shirts are just cut horrible.... I need to find a place around Boston to try these on...

you and i have similar measurements, but i am a little shorter. BoO in XL fits nicely around my chest, but way too loose at the waist. The L is just ridic. I too am in the search for shirts that fit well and dont look funny on me. I have broad shoulders and everytime i wear flannel, i feel really fat. Im still searching for a good print or style but havent found one yet
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Would love to buy gitman bros and BoO but with the Aussie the way it is ATM, I'll be waiting until the dollar gets better. I wonder if my local guys can just cut a shirt shorter, with closer button stance, but the pattern on the shirts is alot of small things that make a difference when all done together, not two or three things. I do believe that BoO is a stylized form of the aesthetic, were as gitman to me is something that will last. That's not a bad thing either way, it's just that the aesthetic isn't for me, people certainly look great it in however. I'll probably get a stack of gitman early next year - construction on them is great, or so I hear. I'll probably just do plain white / blue.
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While talking about BoO on SF is really beating a dead horse these days, I think it's important to note that just because a tailored <insert brand here> oxford is not going to be a BoO shirt, it is somehow inferior. Based on a lot of posts here, one might get the sense that the only people who could ever be best suited by a brand other than BoO are fat people. Nobody wants to feel like a fat guy, so err'body goes out to kop BoO. A lot (myself included) look stupid in it.

For all you lot out there who are too tall/skinny for BoO (yeah, it's possible), look into Shipley and RL Rugby. Shipley is nice shit, and Rugby is pretty cheap, cut decently long, and slim in the shoulders. I have to get Rugby oxfords tailored, but I kop them for fourty bucks on sale, so who gives a fuck? Slightly shorter people who are just pissed at should try Hickey or Black Fleece. For dressier OCBD's, go with Kent Wang x TaT. I've also been meaning to try on Benjamin Bixby oxfords.


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Those Oak picks look awful. Look how short the sleeves are. Anyway, has anyone tried one of these on yet in a large?
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Oak's pictures are always weird. I don't know what the hell they do in their photo shoots. The shirts seem really normal from most pics i've seen.
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