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Originally Posted by jas0nt View Post

What's the colour fastness like for the overdyed dark shitrts (eg navy)? Does it fade easily?


It does depend on what colour you go for and how often you wear it.


I have the black overdye which seemingly doesn't EVER age, the olive one which has faded a little bit over 4 years, and the navy which has faded quite a bit in 2 years. The navy one is indigo dyed though so I was kind of expecting it. I wear it to work a lot so the elbows have faded a bit as I'm at my desk most of the day, and it is starting to fade on creases around the cuffs which the fabric pinches. I'll take some pics when I next wear it.


It's probably my favourite shirt though, so does get a disproportionate amount of wear and washing. I'm planning on getting another. I've noticed that the fabric they're using on the current batch is ever so slightly lighter and coarser so maybe it'll age differently. Either way, dope shirt and looks great with a kahki chino/trouser or very faded jeans (IMO).

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I lost some weight and am looking to trade my XLs for your Ls if anyone is interested.
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Originally Posted by Kensington View Post

I bought a standard "Gitman Bros" shirt that has a Gitman Vintage print. Fit seems the same but I noticed crappier buttons (which I'm going to swap) and the placket and collar are stiff. Does anyone know if there is some way to remove or soften whatever it is in between the fabric that makes it stiff. I know some people would probably like the added structure to the collar but I prefer softness.


I received my shirt and yes, the collar and sleeve placket are stiff as you mentioned. I don't think there is anything that could be done to soften it as the stiffness comes from the interfacing under the placket and collar. 


Nevertheless, it is still a pretty decent shirt and I'm happy with it.

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Wanted to cross post this from our affiliate thread;

Gitman Vintage madras are up on the web, check em out here.
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not the shirt but for those who are looking for this rare floral fabric in shorts, size 38

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How do you guys remove stains on white gitman ?

Should i take them to dry clean ?
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Originally Posted by chiggah View Post

How do you guys remove stains on white gitman ?

Should i take them to dry clean ?


I'll just get a stain remover spray, spray it on the stain, give it a rub for about 10 secs then wash the shirt. 

I have tried dry cleaning but if it is a stubborn stain, dry cleaning won't be any different (maybe my dry cleaner sucks) from doing what I usually do with the spray.


You can give dry cleaning a go and see if you like the results.

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Use oxyclean as a spot treatment, then wash. When applying the oxy make sure to rub it in real good. After wash inspect - if the stain is still there, do not dry. Soak it in a bucket of either high concentration oxy clean + water or in white vinegar + water over night and repeat the pretreat and wash. If that doesn't work... I'd say you're screwed. I've never not had it work tho.
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Saw my banana-print Gitman shirt from last in Entourage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGSE_XPF4_g

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finally bit the bullet and got a made to measure. (sucks falling between small and medium off-the-shelf). anyway, well worth it in my case. fit is spot on.

on an unrelated note - any way to avoid creasing? my gitman oxfords crease up like crazy over the course of a day (morning, even).

i don't doing anything special to them.. just a gentle wash followed by a hot steam iron once they're dry.

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Summer sale just started on the main website.
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anyone with experience with the gitman / unionmade suiting? how is the sizing?

i've been on the lookout for a nice cotton suit.

i'm a true 15 (as in, between S & M in their oxfords.) 30" waist.
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