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Gitman customer service is fucking awful. Order a shirt and want to return it, the invoice says I need to get a return authorization number from them. So I send them an email, no response for a few days, send them another one to follow up, and I get back an email that just says "here's the tracking info" with a copy-paste of the UPS site. Reply that I needed an R/A number, not the tracking, and I hear nothing back. What the fuck.
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In my experience a lot of these smaller companies suck at email...Alden is another good example. Pick up a phone and call them, it will probably go much more smoothly.
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Yeah I had to return a year or so ago. Took forever. Your best bet is to call them. They have old ladies working that department that ate not really used to high volume since the company's success that have probably been around small town Pennsylvania forever. Took me a minute to get my refund but calling definitely helped speed things up.
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Yea, I finally got through on the phone (after three transfers). JoAnn was very nice and apologetic- she was also the one who sent me the tracking info instead of the R/A number. Overall a good experience on the phone aside from the waiting and not being able to get through sometimes. Feel kinda bad about my other post but I was just a little annoyed.
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I did the same thing. When I spoke with her it was all good. Kind of funny. Had to put myself in her shoes for a second. She's probably thinking why all the sudden people buying gitman the past few years like that? She's probably been there since the 80's!
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I think it's normal to get annoyed, we're used to dealing with companies that have large call centers and/or people who are dedicated to responding to email inquiries and the like. Gitman, Alden, and a lot of these companies that are small (relatively, even though they seem pretty big in this little world of ours) are just not used to conducting business this way. A lot of these companies have been around for decades and only very recently have garnered the kind of attention they now receive. No fault to you in getting upset, especially since you were able to step back and realize the situation from their point of view. I still think it's a fault of the company and one they should probably look to improve upon in the future so it's worth mentioning, but it's also good to understand and appreciate where they are coming from and why they aren't better at providing 21st century levels of customer service to which we are so accustomed.
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^truth. We as modern day consumers basically expect our asses to be wiped for us but that's not the case. Companies like gitman totally focus on the quality of their product and not their customer service which I can respect. Not saying they disregard customers either.
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Yeah, sometimes I get a little wrapped up in the "I pay fashion prices so give me fashion service" mentality. Though recently dealing with Inverallan has been incredible considering how small they are, so I still do expect quality service for quality products. Simply making good stuff is often not worth it to me if dealing with you when something goes wrong is a nightmare.That said, I understand Gitman's position but do hope they improve.

Anyways, a small review:

I bought the snow leopard head shirt and was very underwhelmed. I thought it would be a thick oxford cloth (since it was marked as an oxford) considering Gitman's other oxford offerings and the F/W season, but it's a lame, thin poplin type of material that was just not worth $180. I would buy on deep discount, but can't recommend it at retail. It's also a slim fit so those interested might want to size up-- I'd say it fits about the same as the Gitman x Hillside shirts.
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For those of you who owned the oxford shirts do the soften up after a long time?
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I have a regular Oxford that's been worn and washed about ten or so times, it's pretty soft. Also have an overdye that has softened up since new, but not as much.
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This might be stating the obvious, but using fabric softener helps too. FWIW I found the F/W oxford I owned too heavy and rough for my liking so I sold it. I still own a S/S oxford which I like the feel of a lot more.
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waiting for the blue pencil pinstripe to go on sale
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Ken thats what i wanted to hear about the seasons part. I have tried fabric softner already by the way.
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anyone know if there is a catalog where i can look up shirts from season's past? i have some shirts that i'd like to know what season they are from. thanks.

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how frequently does gitman stuff go on sale? have my eye on a couple fw pieces and would rather not drop the ~$200 retail price per item (styleforum way)
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