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I don't mean to knock you Uniqlo guys but I find the quality of that place overall to be pretty bad and doesn't come close to the quality of GV. I would wait to find some Gitman shirts on sale. There have been some great deals on Myhabit and the like.

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Just a random thought. In all honesty, I'm not sure why there is so much dislike for Gitmans. Out of all of its competitors (WvG, BoO, etc), Gitman shirts are the best bang for your buck imo. For me, GBV has the best fit, collar, fabric & construction.

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Originally Posted by chiggah View Post

how does epaulet and gitman OCBD compare ?
thinkin to try epaulet next

I find epaulet ocbds shirts to fit pretty similar to gitman ocbds. But the ep's are slimmer in the body because of the darting in the back. Also maybe just a little longer, definitely longer sleeves. The oxford cloth in the standard light blue from both companies to me look like they're the same fabric. The darting on the epaulet shirts (and the wvg before dinner cut for that matter) to me can almost look a little feminine from the back, but the tradeoff is them being easy to tuck in and looking good tucked in. So I'll wear a gitman oxford when i'm wearing jeans casual or ep when I need to tuck. I like the slightly oversized and high collar on the ep oxford. Button placement is better on ep....gitman shirts second to top button is so close to the neck that I have to just keep it open. shell vs chalk...for whatever reason i've kinda grown to like the chalk. ep's buttons are good though.
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I agree with slack mostly, but for sure about high collar stance/roll on EP. I like the darts. EP shirts are def longer in the body and arms, but perhaps more importantly the arms and chest are the SAME ON EVERY SHIRT. GBV's variance is pretty absurd, really. If you have even slightly longer arms for your frame, almost all their shirts are too short.

GVB sources fantastic fabrics, but EP offers lots of nice options too, w/ rolling release schedule that's sorta fun. There's plenty to like/love about Gitman, if the fit works for you. If you're taller & skinnier though, or have long arms, Epaulet could be a winning move.
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I have broader shoulders and long arms and take a S in the older season GBVs and current Epaulet stuff. most GBV shirts are a little short for me in sleeve length


I prefer epaulet for reasons slack mentioned

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Gitman sizing is all over the place, some sleeves are long, some are fine. Then the plaid that I bought in S on MyHabit is really XS, which was disappointing. I've paid about $110 for each of mine, in basic colours, but I find it kinda hard to start spending $130 and over for EP or other patterned Gitmans.

But maybe now that I'm stocked on basics, maybe I'll just save up a little longer and splurge on one or two a year.
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Does GV shrink considerably if you hot air dry them? I own probably a dozen or so GV shirts and have only line dried them so I have no clue what will happen. I just happened to buy a pattern that I really like but the sizing is just a tad larger than my other mediums. The sleeves could be shortened an inch or so but I really don't like the idea of tailoring it or rather a tailor messing it up. What to do?
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Probably depends on material, oxfords not at all in my experience...once had an XL and when I went down to a L size tried to hot wash and hot dry it...didn't really see any change. Wish they did because now I'm down to a medium and have 10 larges sitting in my closet, this is going to be expensive.
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They pre wash all their fabric AFIK so shrinkage is minimal if at all.
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Just a heads up: South Willard has all their Gitman stuff at 40% off right now, although the stock is pretty limited.
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ugh, sold out quick. missed out on everything i wanted.
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Originally Posted by aizan View Post

ugh, sold out quick. missed out on everything i wanted.

Pretty much anything outside of XS or XL is sold out before the first sale in most cases, and then out by first drop for sure
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Who still has the blackwatch from this season in stock in M? Fits tts right?
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Looks like they increased the price of some of the GBVs. The blue striped oxford was $60 few days ago, now it costs $88.


Do they do more drops?


I think they dropped down to 80% last year, but i am not sure.

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Originally Posted by stevent View Post

Who still has the blackwatch from this season in stock in M? Fits tts right?

Yes. TTS. Need Supply still has it with 10% off with SFDEC12.
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