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Nitty Gritty has some GBV on sale, though it's $100 + on most, I think the sub-$100 ones are sold out. but there are some Glanshirt shirts available for 50% OFF ($80 PPD to US)

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I'm in 2 more shirts. biggrin.gif
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I hang out more in the MC forum and so I'm not sure about about something basic. When I generally fold up dress shirt sleeves, I use a method whereby I bring it up to about my elbows and roll the sleeve. With more casual button downs like GBV, what is the proper way to fold up the sleeves. And should it be folded to up past the elbow?

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the proper way is to fold the sleeve into a perfect little butterfly

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GBV tie sale on my habit
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

GBV tie sale on my habit

Missed again though prices weren't that good since these ties are at NM last call for $25ish regularly
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Can't wait for the Hawaiian shirt. biggrin.gif
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Wood Wood has some Gitmans @ 50% off in size L and XL

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Originally Posted by RuffyD View Post

Just received my navy/brown plaid shirt yesterday.

The fit is pretty good, even better than the olive overdye and baby cords I bought last year (sleeves and length are longer).
Very happy with my purchase.

Can anybody describe how the japanaese yarn tartans feel? In terms of weight? Is it more like a flannel? Thanks
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I would say mid-weight, definitely not as thick or warm as flannel. Probably best suited for fall or with other heavier stuff during the winter. With that said I think they are light enough to wear in warm climates or pretty much year-round if desired.
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Anyone have the gingham from this s/s? How does it fit?
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^^ the tartan feels like regular oxford,medium weight..received mine for this and I love it..smile.gif

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Yep, year-round material in my opinion.

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Are Gitmans slim fitted?

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