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Indigo and Cotton has 30% off on GV. Not ready to order anything; too poor. shog[1].gif
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MrPorter has 50% off on Gitmans.

South Willard has 70% off on some Gitmans. 




What's the difference between these three shirts?

They have the same name, but come in three different colours and they have the same stripes.

But the pictures shows that they have different fits and lengths. I am not sure if they just took the picture like that, or the shirts have differences. So do you guys have any experiences about these shirts? Also I just received a fine stripe shirt in light blue (not the shirt in these pictures), which is very fit and I like it.





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I have this issue too. On some shirts the difference is negligible, but there is one where it's as big as on yours.

That's the only brand I've bought that has this issue.

Another evidence of their workmanship can be seen on the "native stripe" shirt, where the stripes are not symmetrical on the sleeves, collar and yoke.

But don't worry about your shirt being shoddily made, embrace it as "unique heritage artisan authentic appearance".

Originally Posted by luker View Post

I recently bought a navy overdyed,haven got to wear it yet. I've noticed the length on one side of the shirt is longer than the other (shall let the pictures do the talking...)


apologies for the poor image...

button up to the last button,one side is longer than the other...anyone has the same issue with their shirts?

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Don't button the last one, use the second from the bottom.
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Originally Posted by tonio028 View Post

I am a BB1 in Black Fleece, small in Gitman Vintage, and 15-33 in the Extra Slim Fit BB shirts for comparison. The sleeves on Gitman are generally a tad on the short side, but since I generally roll up my sleeves I don't find it to be an issue. If you plan to pair it with suit or blazer, it could be more noticeable.


Thanks for your feedback.

I ordered sz. Small. I like OCBD with sport coat. Will see when received.

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In case anyone's interested, I've got a Japanese Chambray Blue Polka Dot Shirt for sale in size Medium. Check my signature below.
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I received my linen chambray shirt from Acrimony, and I was pleased to find that it fit slimmer than my OCBD In the same size. I was expecting to have to have it taken in.
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I got mine today from Acrimony also, first pair of GBV's. The fit was surprisingly slim (in a good way). Might be a little long though, but I think I may still be able to pull it off without tucking it in.


On a unrelated note, I also got a pair of blue chambray sneakers from Pointer. They look SICK!!

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Really like the cord floral for FW. Looks great.
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Like the shirt, but not the price.
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Really like the cord floral for FW. Looks great.

Yes. It is dope. I like it, don't love the price, but then again there are other shirts with far less great materials for more. I've checked it out in person, it is an especially nice GBV piece.
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Yeah, GBV has gotten way more expensive lately. Their fabric quality seems to have stayed the same, but I think they're just choosing more interesting fabrics which may be more expensive? I don't know, but to me Gitman is never worth more than $150.
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sheesh, I'd never pay more than $100 for one.
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

sheesh, I'd never pay more than $100 for one.

Net or gross?


Did someone return this shirt to MyHabit? There are two shirts left in xs, and I want to know if this shirt is regular GBV or Gitman Sisters.


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