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sexonfabric are you still holding a lot of remorse about mrporter lol. gitman is supposed to fit like that unless you size down one but then chances are the neck and shoulders will fit ridic.
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also and  - I have purchased Gitman from both before.

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Originally Posted by sexonfabric View Post

The Gitman fit is seriously shit. So fed up returning their fat boy shirts.

thanks ...saved me a lot of trouble
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The fit is near identical to the polo custom (slim) fit oxfords. In fact, it may actually fit a tad larger, but the collar roll of the gitman and the overall fit is better than the polo oxford. I figured it would at least fit slimmer in the torso, but I guess not... Probably getting mine tailored in the body a bit then calling it good. Still on the hunt for the perfect oxford.
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Like fycus, I've learned to forgive gitman for their fit since the collar and details are so nice. Just sent one in to have the box pleat sewn down and the sides taken in a little. May still have to shorten it and get the arms taken in if they keep bothering me.  The other details make the alterations worth it IMO.  

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Yeah, the constant negative fit critique of Gitman Vintage is getting old and worn out.

There is no such thing as a shirt that will flatter everybody's physique. There just isn't. That's why we have brands like BoO, Epaulet, Gitman, RL, TB, etc. to choose from. I'm 6'1 and 200 lbs but you don't see me crapping up the Band of Outsiders thread complaining about how their fit is designed for prepubescent girls or something like that.

If the fit isn't for you then it isn't for you, but don't make the generalization that the fit is shit for everybody when it isn't. For me, GV fits my frame just right (and I don't consider myself fat by any stretch of the imagination).

Now the sizing consistency critique, on the other hand, seems legit because all my GV shirts are larges and each fits slightly different. I hope that's something they can start to correct.
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I'm 6'4 so I can't jump on the BoO bandwagon either...I'm just sad that I haven't found the perfect shirt for me yet.
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Note that GBV tends to get exponentially big as you go up in size.

So, a small is pretty small and slim.
a medium is pushing it...
...and a large is like a tent.

This isn't like Epaulet where they go up incrementally by 0.5 inch.
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Agreed. Epaulet's sizing is much more forgiving (I just don't like being called an XXL) smile.gif

And I liked the GV sizing from a few years ago when the sizes were a little bit smaller. As a 44 chest I loved 22.5 inch chest on an older GV, as the newer 23 inch chest is going back into tent territory for me. If there was a 22.25 inch size, I'd buy everything they had. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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i'll take gitman vintage any day over epaulet. sexonfabric at 6"4 you don't even have to dress that decent anyway that tall your already considered handsome bigstar[1].gif
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I don't know, I think 6'4 straddles the line between handsome and gangly lol. I am just back from seeing Stephen Merchant (writer of The Office with Ricky Gervais) this evening at at 6'7 he certainly crosses that line smile.gif
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you du's and that Napoleon complex 6"4 is tall you just don't like to see other du's taller than you. try being 5"7.5 and you will thank the gods everyday your 6"4. shit if i was 6"4 i would have kopped so much stuff from mr porter like nobody business usa sale.
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truth. i'm 5'8" and even at 25 still feel self conscious at times and wish i was taller.
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anyone know where i can get over dyed khaki oxford in size s?

Honestly this looks like the one:

is it mislabeled?
.... I guess I should just give them a call later. biggrin.gif
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that looks like it could be the toast color but with the lighting in that photography its hard to tell.
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