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kross i know how you feel lol. oh snap did mr porter always have video fits?
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AFAIK they do on most of their stuff, really awesome shit. Mr.Porter4life
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kross especially if that shirt fits good for you XD
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Will post up fit pics if I do end up getting it tomorrow. Shit is either gonna be awesome or hilariously bad.
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either way this thread needs more pics.
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Originally Posted by crosswound View Post

i went through that phase don't want to go back almost went broke. i'm all done with spending money on the wow shirts lol. lost enough money buying then selling for lower i'm a lot better these days sticking to basics.

I hear you. I'm building up my basics too, but I do pick up a wacky print shirt every now and then (latest was the short sleeve floral from spring/summer gitman collection)....but I don't base my wardrobe around wow prints, and I don't endorse it unless you're making 6 figures!
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Anyone want to trade their M Gitman Vintage Oxford (other than white or blue) for a BoO M oxford. BoO came up a bit small on me. PM and we can exchange pics.

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Looking for the tan cheetah shirt in small if anyone wants to sell.
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Restock of Gitman at TBS
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Just got my shirt, gonna have to post fit pics later and ask if I got the right size.
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waiting for fit pics
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If anyone is looking for the Blackwatch Tartan Gitman shirt from this season in a size small (fits small so it really is an XS in Gitman Vintage) for cheap, shoot me a pm. I'm asking only $100
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Selling medium chambray in blue if anyone's interested.

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Originally Posted by Kross View Post

Bought this GV and so afraid I sized wrong. Measurement chart shows that M (19 shoulder, 45 chest) is too big for me (~17 shoulders, 40.5 chest) but model is wearing a M and has 38" chest with perfect fit, wtf?!?! I guess I'll see tomorrow.

i think mr porters measurements arent accurate
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Anyone know where I can pick up one of these in M?
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