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Originally Posted by nycxandy View Post

Looking awesome... is this the grey flannel?

Edit: Never mind, looks like the olive?

It is the moss overdye. Really thick for Houston summer, but when fall hits....icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Anybody know where I can cop this buttondown in black and size small? There was a black color option originally.
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You probably won't be able to find it again. Gitman offers some customizations for their orders (pockets and collars) and it is harder to find double pocket shirts. Frances May is probably the only one that stocked it.
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I haven't seen the any gitman shirts with the two pockets, those are pretty nice.
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MOAR POKETZ ffffuuuu.gif
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Commonwealth did double pockets for their dragonfly shirt, and they have a khaki overdye with double pockets. Two pockets look bad on the dragonfly though.
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if im more of a small than medium in gv, though medium looks aight (almost perfect in the chest and shoulders whereas small is sometimes tight) you guys think I can take a medium to a tailor and fix it up or is just gonna be shit?
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Yes, you can. From what it sounds like, I'm assuming you have a larger chest and broader shoulder so the box pleat billowing doesn't sound much of a problem for you. You can a) dart the back at the waist similar to Epaulet or b) take in the sides for a nice taper. Darting is cheaper than taking in the sides.
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true, then ima give it a shot. i don't have crazy high hopes but we'll see. i'll post results
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fedex just came through with the dragonfly, so dope
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crappy iphone pic is all i got

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he's right it is dope icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Just recieved my Olive and Indigo shirts.. These are really nice!
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