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Gitman Brothers Vintage

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Stuff looks great on Context but they're already selling out in a lot of sizes. What are some other stockists of the brand?
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http://www.gitmanvintage.com/stocklist.asp http://www.fredsegaltrend.com/GITMAN_BROTHERS_s/99.htm http://www.blackbirdballard.com/Gitman_Mens.html
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It fits me like shit
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The fit looks great on Context, but pretty terrible on Fred Segal Trend. At those price points, the cut is seemingly one of the bigger selling points. I'd say it's a matter of finding the right size, but the models on FST are wearing mediums and they still look sloppy.

The shirts look a LOT darker on Context, too. I went from hating that purple/green/yellow L/S number last night to being pissed when I saw it was sold out in my size tonight thanks to the pictures on Context. The colors look much lighter on FST; so much that I'm back to thinking most of these would look terrible on me. Bummer.
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robin and jsqfunk, thanks for the links.

blank, just as a reference, which brands fit you well?

Gitman's been getting a lot of hype on a bunch of blogs recently.
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Originally Posted by ToruOkada View Post
Gitman's been getting a lot of hype on a bunch of blogs recently.
Could be a bad sign, many of those bloggers often have no idea what they're talking about.
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blank, just as a reference, which brands fit you well?
I can pull off a Band of Outsiders large. A Gitman medium was far too loose throughout. But I'm not 100% sure I tried on the same shirts that have now popped up at 1,000 retailers online. I tried some on at Bloomingdales in Soho.
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wow comparing the purple on on fredsegal and context.... wtf
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If the fit is slim, the length seems pretty long for short fools like me.
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fred segals pictures are terrible... like with this one: do they seriously button one collar button and not the other? http://www.fredsegaltrend.com/Gitman...%20pattern.htm
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Looks like most of the colors online are brighter than in real life. The blue/red check is darker when I saw it in person at Blackbird, but I was still into it. The shirt is a little longer than most of the slim brands on SF, but I think it still works as a nice summer casual shirt. Was digging the fabric, perfect soft madras.

Would like to see the purple/yellow one in person. This looks interesting as well from the Carlton's site, purple/black:
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Stuff always looks great on Context. They take pretty photos. Sadly, not everything looks as nice in person as it does on their site.
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I have an oxford I bought from sFer poodlerock. Had Nordstrom tags. I like the fit, but it's definitely not comparable to BoO. My gitman vintage 16/L has wider shoulders and a bigger chest than my BoO XLs, and is about the same length. I like it, but at a glance it's not particularly special.
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^^You got a BoO? Crazy, boo always looks like cropped midget wear to me.. any pics of you wearing it?
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