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Brooks Bros. Non-Iron Shirts

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I am considering getting some pinpoint non-iron shirts at Brooks Bros., but was wondering if the fabric treatment makes them less durable.  Does anyone have any experience with them?
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I've got two--a solid and one with a blue check. I've only worn the checked one and I've found it retains heat more than other shirts of similar weight. Otherwise, it's great to be able to wash/dry it at home and then touch up with an iron. It's a good shirt to fly in because it keeps me slightly warmer, when the cabin gets chilly, without bulky layers. The older shirt seems to be wearing just fine.
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I think they are a great thing to have, in a couple of basic colors like white and blue. Depending on your lifestyle, it's nice to have a few shirts that need no (actually just a little) ironing to be ready to go. I've got 2 kids that my wife and I have to get ready for school every morning. Things are can get hectic , and sometimes I get caught without an ironed shirt The Brooks no-irons fill the gap. I woudn't rely on them exclusively, however. Recommend picking them up 3 at a time in staple colors since they're cheaper that way.
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There have been several threads about them on this board and on AA. I don't own any of these shirts, but consensus is that convenience comes at cost of breathability; wrinkle free quality comes from coating the fibers which means they breathe less.
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I have a blue check one that I like. It's not soft, that's for sure, but every now and then I need to look crisp all day. I'm a little conflicted about it, because it doesn't add anything in the way of personal comfort, but I only paid $17 for it. I would not pay $50 for one.
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I have several. What happens is the Magic Teflon or whatever it is begins to wear off. What you are left with is a shirt that is easier to iron and holds said ironing better. The way to avoid the hardness/stiffness problem is to either dry them on hangers straight from the washer or after a minimal amount of time in the dryer (three to five minutes on low setting). The idea that you can just toss it in the dryer with your dishtowels and underwear is marketing crapola. The dryer heat bakes the Teflon to a nice, hard, shiny finish. I have tried many types of non-iron and the best fabric, hands-down, is Nordstrom's new "Smart-Care" line. I defy anybody to tell the difference between a standard shirt and these.
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Some of you may or may not care to know that there is an increasing amount of research showing the chemicals in Teflon cause cancer in humans. The area around the Dupont plant in W. Virginia has enormous pollution problems as the chemicals have contaminated the local water supply. There are lawsuits by the plant employees etc. As a result, I'm trying to avoid Teflon in my clothing (and have gotten rid of most of my Teflon cookware).
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I do hate to admit, but I own several of these from BB, Banks, etc. They come in handy for traveling, etc. That is about it. They have held up well and survive well in the suitcase (little to no wrinkles).
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I have to from Nordstroms, the easycare they are called. They are fine, easy to touch up, but still to me not as nice as a regular 100% cotton dress shirt. I just recently started going back to the dry cleaners as doing my own shirts is just too time consuming and the easycare will never had the look of a laudered shirt, and I do not take any starch, so I do get wrinkles during the day, but that is just fine with me.
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