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Originally Posted by Nicola View Post
You don't say where you are but the look is pretty common in Europe. I'm not really into the miami vice T-shirt look but during the winter will do it with a sweater. If it's warm enough for a tshirt it's warm enough for a dress shirt.

Boston, MA. I'm starting to think the look might not be for me, though.
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Originally Posted by johnnyblazo View Post
As newbie....I completely agree with you but I was wondering if you could be specific and let me know what kind of collar would look best?

ie. based on Jantzens (

Johnny, none of the above in my opinion, as far as the collar goes it shouldnt stick up too far above the line of the jacket, you'll look like you forgot your tie, slim collars are in at the moment anyway, dont do button down either. i think when combining a smart or sports jacket with a shirt the whole combination is what matters, if its evening wear stick with dark colours, smart jeans with nice brown lace up shoes and slim fitting shirt (tucked in) and a nice navy jacket over the top can look great, i just watched 'Yes man' and Jim Careys friend wears quite a good example of this for his batchelor party, actually just copy a style thats suits you thats my advice.
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Not sure about T-shirts, but I think a tunic shirt without the collar attached can be quite dashingly casual under a sportscoat.
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My preferred way of styling this look:
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Jude Law doesn't look too bad in his Dunhill band collar + suit
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I don't particularly care for the look but I suppose it can be done.
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I think it's gross, looks slovenly and is unhygienic.
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I know this is an old post but I couldn't find an earlier thread on the topic. Here is my opinion on the matter of collarless shirts with a sportcoat. I think a t-shirt under a sport coat / blazer is a matter of taste faux-pas. A non-solid color t-shirt (exceptions made) or logo under a sport coat / blazer is a crime. The alternative of course is the collared shirt. However... This CAN be too dressy, or perhaps not PERFECT for the situation, the utimate goal of STYLE. The alternative I believe is a light, long-sleeve shirt, WITH THREE OR FOUR BUTTONS FROM THE NECK. I find this classic, but NOT MISTAKEN, because it is an outward statement that leaves space for others to exist, which is the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPAL of style. The long-sleeved, collarless, buttoned shirt under the sport coat is also, I think, a great way to create an INTERMEDIATE step from not wearing the collared shirt under the sport coat to wearing one under the sport coat. This is quite a step for those of us who are not used to wearing a collared shirt with the coat. My personal feeling on the matter of collared shirt with jacket is that it can concentrate too much of the attention, a major style faux-pas, especially if you are the ONLY ONE WEARING A JACKET in a specific social situation.
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