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Surgeon's Cuffs on Topcoat?

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What says the panel on surgeon's cuffs with working buttonholes on a topcoat or overcoat? I have two new overcoats about to go off to my tailor for slimming, detailing, and button upgrading, so now would be the time to add surgeon's cuffs if I were going to do it. One is a SB navy cashmere blend with notch lapels, the other a charcoal DB somewhat in the Polo coat style. Both are full length and then some-- I ascribe to the Prince of Wales dictum that "a short coat is half a coat."
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Do they have vented sleeves? If so, I stick by my principle that not adding surgeon's cuffs is simply a shortcut. If not, I think it silly to cut apart the fabric and sleeve lining to add them.
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It is not so easy to put working sleeve buttonholes on really thick cloth. The necessary holes are too small. On covert coats or chesterfields it is much easier.
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If you are a surgeon and plan to operate while wearing the coat (in a field hospital, say), then yes. Otherwise, why?
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Would you believe I was right in the middle of responding to your original post when the forum went down earlier in the week? I have one overcoat with functional buttons on the sleeves. It's a MTM thick cashmere overcoat. I didn't ask for the functional buttons; they just came that way. I didn't think it adds anything at all, practically speaking. So I wouldn't pay extra to have them added onto my other coats.
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