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hahaha. I can wear the girls AA shirts. They large girls t-shirt is like the small mens but with shorter sleeves. The length is a tiny bit shorter than the mens small.
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I know that SNL skits are boring the first time around, but, bada zing.
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thanks for all the help & suggestions. i'm definitely inspired to check out the AA store soon. if i could have all my clothes custom made i would, because its really frustrating having shirts that are short and wide. im definitely not shaped like that. also, i have a shirt that i got awhile at Blue Demon on melrose and it fits perfectly but i havent been able to find anything about the brand/company... Evil Genius. im not sure if they use someone elses' shirts or not. if anyone knows anything, that would be great. peach.
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Not sure who makes the Evil Genius tees, but there are plenty of streetwear stores in LA and NYC that carry them, as did one store in Boston that is now unfortunately closed. Occasionally, Filene's basement here usually gets a large shipment and sell them hella cheap.  If you are interested, I'll PM you if they get shipments in.  If you post your style/preferences/size, I could even pick stuff up as it appears, and send you stuff if you like it. Actually, looking at this site, and remembering the Evil Genius is an LA company, I would bet pretty good money that they use AA tees.  Here are some places you can get Evil Genius tees: Evil Genius tees from Chocosho From Revolt clothing
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dude. did you just say 'hella'?
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Oh crap, I did. I feel so 2001.
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thats HELLA seattle. haha. thanks for the links. i haven't been home [to LA] since christmas so i havent been able to go back to blue demon. that would be sweet to be able to get some more. they are like the perfect width and length, at least the one i have. i'll try to post a pic. im a size S. :-P
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Ah... she appears
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