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Magic's Suit!

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If anyone is watching Inside the NBA right now, Magic is wearing that suit I like so much. It's a 3-piece, dark blue, not Navy, though. With a nice texture. anyone know the brand? I seem to have seen something similar at an Oxxford site.
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Less than ten buttons?.?.?.
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Actually it really does have ten, you just can't see the last one because it's not buttoned.
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I read a piece on Magic in GQ several years ago where they said his bedroom was surrounded on three sides by a giant, wrap-around closet with his suit collection -- over 100, all bespoke. I'd be shocked if his TNT suit for the playoffs were OTR. He also had a half-court hoops set-up inside downstairs (25 foot ceilings, regulation backboard, etc), which seems a bit much when you live in California, but as a top NBA star I'll give him a pass on that one as his version of a "home office." Research, you know.
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Magic has a brown suit he wore a few nights ago that has almost the same texture and pattern. A little flashy for my tastes, but it is very unique and works well on him and on TV. Magic is also a businessman, owning a theater chain among other things which also helps explain the suits.
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Magic gets most of his suits bespoke from Woody Wilson in Los Angeles
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Check out Woody's do's and don'ts of men's fashion: "Rubber soled shoes are Woody's Wilson's #1 choice for comfort" I wonder if he's taking new clients? Maybe we should send Marc (AU) over there.
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Magic's suit last night was "too blue." I'm not a fan of the longer jacket style, but Magic pulls it off no doubt due to his height. Did anyone see Alonzo Mourning's suit after Game 2? It was a coral-like color with a terracota-like colored shirt. Very dapper.
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