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A different sort of violation perhaps: Today, I saw a man in a very baggy four-button suit with only the bottom button buttoned. That's right. And it's not that strange a sight in Beijing, but what distinguished this fellow was the large "LV" messenger bag strapped over his back. Perhaps his exceedingly chunky, plastic, black shoes go without saying. Despite all of this he was in a party of men that I could tell were relatively distinguished businessmen, probably discussing which foreign insurance companies would be allowed to operate here or something. The four button bottom-buttoned-only look is surprisingly popular. I can't pretend to see why.
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I don't know if it was the first company to offer a button-down/french cuff shirt, but Paul Frederick has had them since the early 1990s. If I remember correctly, they said that they were responding to customer demand.
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(Alias @ June 02 2005,19:37) I don't know, man. I'm not brave enough to wear one of these. I mean, why go through the trouble of having fussy french cuffs if you're willing to go with a comfortable soft button-down collar? Or are you talking about those stiff button-down collars with the buttons a bit higher up from the peaks? (A new phenomenon, at least to me.)
It strikes me as the kind of shirt someone might wear if they've worn button-down collars their whole life, and wants to dress up their navy blazer/sack suit. They wouldn't even conceive of trying another collar. Trad trad, trad trad trad.
No self-respecting (nor even self-loathing) Trad would ever wear one of those things. Now button-down with dinner jacket a la Wm. Buckley is another story. Shirt sounds awkward.
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Very odd. Reminds me of a lot of people around here who don't seem to know about any collars save the button down. I see guys in pinstripes and solid ties, obviously not affecting a trad sack look, wearing button down collars (always with a pony.)
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