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Vogue L'Uomo has some features of which are quite elegant. There was one featuring travel accesories, and shoes. But yes, most of the things pertain to the fashionistas. I.e. Gucci, Dior Homme, Westwood, and many odder brands.
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I used to really be into GQ, and some of the stuff they have is still ok, but I haven't really been into what they've become.  A few months ago they ran a piece on how to effectively wear sneakers with a suit.  I'll pass on that-- too many bad flashbacks to the eighties...
Yeah, after the new editor came in, I was a little worried. But disn't want to make a decision until he had a chance to run a few months' worth of issues. After that sneaker-suit piece, I lost a lot of respect. I can only hope that it ends up in a "GQ Regrets" article of the future.
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GQ is a 'fashion' magazine rather than a guide for proper business attire. I would be certainly less interested if they featured clothes from Oxxford instead of trendy styles and pieces from fashion houses.
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i too think that the current gq is getting better british gq and british esquire are much better than the american counterparts; even german gq is decent; american esquire is in pretty sad shape in my opinion i think the biannual issues are better overall with fashion: arena homme plus loaded fashion v man vogue hommes int'l mode uk fhm fashion uk maxim fashion (the american versions of fhm fashion and maxim fashion are not as good as the uk versions)
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My vote was for other, and in my opinion it's a tie between Men's Health and Vanity Fair. Men's Health runs a couple of very good style issues each year and Vanity Fair has practically the same advertisements as GQ, which allows me to keep up with what the designers are touting, but also includes, IMHO, much better content. Bradford
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Well, I need to get my hands on Vogue L'Uomo. They probably don't sell that at any corner store with a magazine rack. I might have to go hunting.
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CTGuy, Good call. I completely forgot about The Black Book, which is along the lines of V/Visionnaire and The Face. I confess that I do read GQ and Esquire though - they're guilty pleasures, sort of like shopping at Urban Outfitters. I also have to admit to sneaking a peak at Wallpaper and European versions of Vogue. Men's Health, Men's World, and especially The Robb Report, I would only touch with a ten foot pole, and then with the business end only. Down with the shiny faced people.
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Responding to High Roller - Not really one that I can say is my favourite, but FHM and Vogue L'Uomo (IMO) have been decent.
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I am also not a fan of Men's Health (for style anyways - they have some good fitness content). I know at least once I have actually seen a pair of Dockers in one of their "fashion" layouts. Highroller - Vogue L'Uomo is available at some (but not all) Borders stores.
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Vogue L'Uomo is a fairly expensive magazine. For one issue the price is about $14. A yearly subscription of 4 issues is $120. And also it's all in Italian. V/Viscionaire is more aimed at women. Visionaire's current editions aren't as exquisite as previous ones such as the Vuitton encased one.
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One issue is $14, but four is $120 if you get a subscription? That makes no sense to me.. I won't be buying a magazine for $14 though. They wouldn't carry anything like that in town anyways. I'll try one of the other ones.
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I like "Men's Club" and "Men's Ex" when it does a fashion lay out. Unfortunatley, both seem to be available only in Japan.
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Despite its pretentiousness (and believe me it can get ridiculous) Robb Report often has excellent articles on tailored clothing (I especially like their fall previews).
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For one issue the price is about $14. A yearly subscription of 4 issues is $120.
That's pretty crazy marketing on the magazine's part.  Well, I suppose I'll rule this one out of my alternate list. If the subscription for 4 issues is more than twice the price of buying 4 issues at the news stand, do subcribers get some benefits? Like a free visit by the designer of your choice?
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the reason for such high subscription rates is postage (usually airmail) to cover shipping a rather thick and heavy magazine from europe to your door in north america
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