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Just got back-three plays and lots of good food, but this is more of interest here: My best buys: (a) Polo at 72 and Madison-two pairs of EGs; A Black Whittier captoe oxford with a type of U throat and a dark Oak Borden penny loafer with a split toe- they were $850 reduced to $499, with trees included. It seems as if Polo is getting rid of all their readymade EG's, but I did not ask about it. Polo's shoes are against two walls (one of sale shoes and one of regular priced ones) and a small table display with 4 EGs and a sign saying that these can be ordered bespoke. The non-sale wall has no EGs on it-just 15-18 others. The sale wall of 15-18 shoes is about 40% EGs-the two I got (plus the oxford in brown); a tassel loafer in burgundy and side elastic plain toes in black and brown. All are the same $850/$499. They also have a black crocodile EG oxford reduced from $5000 to $2999. (b) Filene's at Union Square-I bought 4 Fairway & Greene knit shirts that go for $85-$110 here in Atlanta at Stockton's -they were $19.99 at Filene's. They have a "Vault" area with merchandise from Louis, Boston. Only a few coats but there is a very heavyweight Kiton cashmere double breasted in dark brown cut from $3,695 to $1,495; size 42R. Also went to: (a) Saks-not too much, sale just started-on shoe rack they have one model of EG in a fancier captoe-in both black and brown. Reduced 25% off the regular $850-no trees. Also a good selection of H&K and Charvet shirts at about 25% off, but still $149 and $225, respectively; nice Isaia suits reduced fro $1,999 to $1,499 (b) J. Press -everything 25% off © Brooks -identical to the stuff here (d) 57th street-Holland & Holland is gone; the Oxxford Store is moving soon, but the sign did not say where; T&A has C&J, including a great spectator like the Ben Silver one and also in lighter brown and tan mesh combo. (e) J Kos and Peter Elliott-overpriced in my opinion (d) saw the new Berluti at Madison and 76th street. The prices (most readymades at $1,290 and bespoke starting at $4300 are a bit much for me; Barney's still has a Berluti shop with a few decent models at $790-840 or so. Did not get to Century 21 or Bergdorf's.