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Do you roll up your cuffs or hem 'em? - Page 3

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Originally Posted by Nick M
...I turn them up on the outside of the leg at the back, and on the inside at the front.
I'm doing this for the first time today. AWESOME! It keeps me from stepping on the cuff with my heel, yet it looks like it's just bunched up on the bottom. Cool, cool, super cool! EDIT: I've also found that tucking the back part inside - and leaving the front alone - looks very natural if you want the jeans to look bunched-up on the bottom. Of course, this probably won't work if you're dealing with an overly long inseam.
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Originally Posted by Tck13
Usually, the more casual, the more I cuff.

Thread Hijack:

I just got a pair of Kicking Mule raw 1950s from Mauro and they are long. I started cuffing them (and I have worn them quite a bit in the last 2 weeks)

I noticed they have a crease in the cuff and the crease kinda wants to stay there. Will I get a permanent line there if I let them go?

I planned on not washing them for the 6 months but should I move the crease around as to not get a solid crease line on the bottom of my jeans?

This is what happened to me, and it sucks (tried to direct link but is down):
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Originally Posted by turbozed
Yeah I get really embarassed when I walk around with the full roll-up and people say "look at that guy showing off his selvage." Seriously, does this happen?

only on internet message boards
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dont cuff them. let them stack and crunch around the ankles. you'll get some good wrinkles there to and they will look cool. what do you mean by the term 'project' jeans?
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I just recently hemmed my SD103s. They don't bunch up anymore, but I realize now that I liked it bunched and really regret it!! Screw people who think they need to be perfectly tailored to your shoes, they're jeans!
Don't hem em, just let them bunch up or cuff them occassionally, it allows your jeans to have different looks.
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I always hem. I don't mind the way cuffed jeans look, but I definitely don't like the way they feel. I prefer single thickness denim breaking over the shoe, it just doesn't feel as heavy or something. I don't know hard to explain, my short answer is that I hem.
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I have 1 or 2 jeans that I use to dress-up, and those are hemmed, giving me a more streamlined look. For my project/bondage jeans, I prefer a straight or tapered leg with a too-long inseam to allow the legs to bunch up all over the place below the knee. It adds immense character to the pants, and goes hand-in-hand with natural wear and distressing. Once you have all the whiskering and fading, it just looks so yummy when it's all scrunched around down there

Bondage? I meant playtime! Wha-PACK!
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Originally Posted by montecristo#4
Fifteen years ago the unbuttoned bottom button wasn't bad either.

OT, but I'm confused. Are you talking about the bottom button on the front of a suit jacket? Since when should this be buttoned? I thought that was a hard and fast rule, always leave the bottom one open.
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