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What to wear

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I recently picked up a pair of Certo suede laceups (open laced) from (great price and service as always). I really like them - they're a little different from my standard dress shoes, which tend to be conservative. So far, I've only worn them with a brown Canali suit. Could they be worn with jeans? Other casual pants? The suede and open lacing lean towards casual, but the shape is sleek and chisel toed... Images below, lifted from virtualclotheshorse. The shoes have a distinctly chiseled toe, and are leaner and darker than they look in these pics.
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i'm not the expert but i say absolutely wear with jeans. in fact today i have some jeans on and i'm wearing the cocoa suede wingtip i have in my store. obviously not the same shoe, but it's all in the conversation.
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Bump... Thanks for the input, Lance - no one else has an opinion??
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I have a similar pair in tobacco-colored suede and wear them with everything from jeans to gray flannels.
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i have a chocolate brown suede captoe that i wear with chinos...but then again i wear all my shoes with chinos... ***edit: khakis -> chinos, fixed to avoid violating my own pet peeve.
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I'd wear them with a light weight pin wale cord which is a perfect spring trouser for the weather we've been experiencing.
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Hmm, I don't like cord at all for spring/summer, no matter the color.
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Definitely jeans. Maybe gray flannels and chinos.
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you can wear brown suede shoes with almost anything -- they are very flexible. I have some brown suede captoe oxfords that i wear with jeans, chinos, flannels, worsted, seersucker, corduroy etc. very very flexible shoe. -boston
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